Brand New Day

James, now Jenna, woke up in his room after completing the body swap at the clinic yesterday. These days, trading bodies and lives is very common since the technology has been invented. But the swap is only one way street though. James had to be sure if he wanted to give up his genetic male body which is in a good condition for a female one which is more vulnerable. His desire to become a real female was so strong that he agreed to swap with Jenna upon the match. He didn’t mind the issues that come along with having a female body. Jenna on the other hand wanted to experience complete masculinity. She hated having nothing between her legs and she wanted to be the one to be doing the penetrating. She wanted to be strong and dominant. However, James didn’t mind having a pussy between his legs instead of his dick. He didn’t mind not having erections. He didn’t mind the monthly cycle and he didn’t mind having to squat to pee for the rest of his life. Looking at his new body, he believes he struck a good deal. His new body is undeniably feminine and he cannot wait to start life as a member of the opposite sex starting today.


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