Candidate 3

Hmm candidate no 3.

According to her bio, she always was a bit tomboyish growing up. Hmmmm let’s see, oh and never really liked her body… thinks that men are superior, blah blah blah… she can’t wait to swap bodies, become a man and, what’s this? Switch to the winning team? Wow, ok then…. She seems very keen at least!

I can’t believe how daft she is though. Being a man isn’t as great as what she thinks it is, being a woman is obviously far better, but hey I suppose it’s good she’s deluded. Means I get what I want!

Her picture she has sent is incredible, those boobs… I can’t believe if I pick her I could have them… on my chest. They’re so big and round. They look kinda heavy too but I bet they feel amazing.

Ohhhh and her pussy too. It’s shaved and looks so cute and neat. I bet I could have a lot of fun with that!

Oh god, my cock is so hard right now. I think that’s decided it for me. I’ll do it, she’s the one I think. I’ll let her know I’m willing to switch with her and then..mmmm… I’ll get that body all for myself……


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