Controlled by Mom

“Alright honey, turn around, let’s see the back.” My mom said from my body. Through the magic of whatever it was giving her all this power, I was compelled to do whatever she said. So I turned around and showed her my backside.

“Ooh careful, don’t knock anything over with that thing!” She said, referring to my huge ass.
“Ugh shut up, Mom.” I said looking back at her. I don’t know what kick she got out of making sure I had the most embarrasing time whenever she swapped our bodies. It started a few days ago when she told me that she’s found something that will make our lives “very interesting”. Well, I don’t know what it was but she soon used it to switch our bodies. I found myself in my own mother’s body. I panicked at first but she told me it was just for some “perspective”, and a few hours later she swapped us back.

The next day she decided that she would go to school as me and I’d stay home as her. I objected but she switched us anyway. She demanded that I cleaned the house but I told her ‘no way in hell.”. That’s when she used her magic to MAKE me clean the house. While she was at school I found my body moving on its own accord, scrubbing grout, vaccuuming, folding clothes. When my mom came back she ordered me to cook dinner, and while I vocally refused I found myself doing it anyway.

Today she switched us and made me try on lingere. Specifically some pink satin number that I had to figure out how to get on. Now I’m modeling for her and she keeps making comments about my boobs and my ass, as if I wanted this!

“You shouldn’t talk that way to your son.” She said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms, waiting for my next command. I felt like a dog being ordered around like this. “Hmm… How’s it feel in the back?” She asked.

“It’s riding up my ass.” I grimaced.
“Its supposed to a little, but is it too much?”
“Ugh, I don’t know! Mom, can we please stop this?”
“Okay, that’s it. If you’re not going to enjoy this, you can at least act like it.” She said. I felt my grimace turn into a smile and my body language lighten. I still hated what was going on but I was acting like I loved it.

“Now how do you feel?” She asked me. I tried to tell her that it didn’t work but of course I couldn’t.
“Wow I feel great! This is weirdly a lot of fun.”
“Haha so you like trying on your mom’s underwear?”
“I think I love it, what else you got?” I heard myself say. This was going to be a long night.


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