A Pleasure Being Robbed

I didn’t take protecting my inheritance very seriously. Given that it was mostly ugly costume jewelry from my grandmother, I was working out how to sell it without losing access to the actual cash. She had assured me that even “a lazy boy like you” would profit from what she would leave me.

Well, one day I realized that she was right. It was already well insured and I wouldn’t lose out on the property inheritance if it were stolen. Sure she said I shouldn’t allow it to be stolen, but losing the respect of a dead woman didn’t really matter.

So I arranged to be robbed of the stuff. They could hawk everything as payment, I collect the insurance and the rest of my inheritance, and everything would be perfect.

Except the geeky guy that came to do the deed seemed to know something about all the weird junk he was hauling off. “Here, why don’t you try this one on, so you know what you’re giving up.”

He was holding this big necklace out, and I took it just to get him out of the place. Well as soon as I put it on I felt smaller, and he was definitely bigger. All of the muscle I had worked so hard to put on just melted off while he started bulking up. Soon I was left scrawny and smooth as a Ken doll, while he had burst out of his clothing hulk style.

“Damn, sexless and deprived of all these mystical goodies. I feel bad for you. I probably shouldn’t leave you like that, nothing between your legs and all.”

I didn’t say anything, terrified of what my voice would sound like, and wondering if I could survive like this if he did nothing. But he seemed to be waiting for an answer so I croaked out, “You can’t leave me like this.”

“True,” he answered, looking pleased that I was playing into whatever sick script he had in his head. He made a strange gesture and I felt a strange prickle of energy, like static running out from the necklace along my skin. It grew stronger and stronger, and the static went deeper and deeper into my body.

“There should be plenty of ambient anima to give you a sex back. Though I do wonder what it’ll be like with not a shred of animus left in your subtle body.”

It was all nonsense to me, and hard to focus on given how good he was looking. He wasn’t changing, but I was. It started in my mind—realizing how rugged and muscular he looked, how perfect kids he fathered would be. And as that really bloomed in my mind, my groin opened up, like a flower blooming into my body. From there it happened face, all that feminine energy the necklace was condensing from somewhere poured through my body and left me horny with huge tits and a sopping wet pussy.

He waited until I had reached equilibrium with the environment, and then he bent me over and took me for hours. I knew that this would be the rest of my life, him taking me as he wanted, me serving him dutifully as he unlocked all of the gifts I had squandered. But he had given me so much more in return.


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