A Mother’s Work

“Mom- did you… am I?” Jason tried to find his words.

“Yes Jason, but I’m not Mom anymore, and you’re not Jason.” Jason’s mother Helen said from Jason’s body. Using a wishing coin, Helen swapped her body with Jason just moments before. Jason was caught completely unaware and is having trouble processing what has happened. “I’m Jason. You’re Helen.” She said firmly.

Jason ran his hands frantically across his new body.
“But, how? Why??”

“How? Not important. Why? Where to begin? You’re a lazy son while I work very, very hard for this family. I want a vacation, I miss my youth. This will, hopefully, teach you to respect what I do for you and this family.”

Jason barely heard his mother as he continued to fidgit with his knew body. Helen smiled as she watched him turn to look at his new butt, pulling the hem of his skirt up to find he was wearing…
“That’s right, pantyhose.” She said. “Feel good? Well get used to them cause you’ll be wearing them for a while.”

“Mom, you can’t be serious.” Jason said turning back to face his mother in his body.
“I am very serious and my name’s Jason! You’re Helen, or mom, or wife. Get it through your pretty blonde head. So enjoy the pantyhose, the bras, the chores and *ahem* your husband.”
“My husband???” Jason shrieked.
“What do you think that ring on your finger means? And if anybody even THINKS that you’re not Helen Coleman, I’ll leave us like this forever. Got it, MOM?”

“Uh, y-yes… son.” Jason said in defeat.

“Good, now you should really get started on your chores. A mother’s work is never done!” Helen said as she left Jason.


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