Broken Machine 4

Now that I had indulged my mother by putting on underwear, I slipped the loose shorts and tshirt back and the two of us headed back down to the dinner table. Immediately I could see and feel the difference the bra made. The jiggling that had annoyed me for the past day and a half was hugely reduced, and it also raised my bust making them look perkier and firmer. You could definitely tell that I’d put one on, evidenced by how my father and siblings stared at me when I reentered the room. The room was quiet as I sat back down and picked up my fork.
“Nice bra, bro.” My brother joked. I rolled my eyes and tried to ignore him.
“How about we stop discussing your brother’s chest, hmm?” My mother spoke up, “Or are you so fascinated by it you’d like to take a turn in it after your father fixes the machine?”
“And risk getting stuck like David? No thanks.” My brother said, taking a sip from his drink.
“Then keep your mouth shut.” She said from my body. Though I was embarrased to have to be defended, I was grateful that my mom put an end to it for now. I didn’t say much for the rest of dinner, and even though the conversation was directed away from me, I was still hyper consious of the bra. I wasn’t able to ignore how it constricted me or how the straps dug into my shoulders. A few times when my siblings weren’t looking I tried to adjust it through my shirt. At one point my brother caught me pulling at my shoulder strap and flashed a knowing smile at me.
After dinner I went straight to the guest room to get away from my annoying siblings. At this point I was counting the moments until my father fixed the machine and I could go back to my body. This whole experience was becoming the worst few days of my life. As soon as I got to the guest room I locked the dor and took my bra off. The initial feeling of release was wonderful, like kicking your shoes off at the end of the day. I’d only had the thing on for less than an hour but as long as I was alone I’d rather deal with the jiggling than the constriction.
The rest of the evening I spent in the guest room, only leaving to use the bathroom, something that I still despised in this body. Luckily, I didn’t see my siblings again for the rest of the evening.

As I went to sleep I was comforted only by the hope that my father would fix the machine tomorrow and this whole nightmare would be over.
When I woke up, I found that this nightmare was definitively NOT over, judging from the fleshy weights still attached to my chest, but also by my own male teenage body standing at my bedside looking over me. The sight of myself, or rather my mom, so early and unexpected shocked me as I rolled over and saw her.
“Sorry, did I wake you up?” My mom asked softly.
“Uh, yeah. It’s okay.” I groggily muttered. “What’s up, what are you doing in here?”
“Sorry to wake you up so early, I have to go to school soon, but I needed to tell you something.”
“You’re not going to like it.” She warned. I sat up and rubbed my eyes.
“Okay, out with it.”
“Well, I had a piano lesson scheduled for today.” She said, ripping the band aid off. I sighed into my hands because I knew what this meant. My mother taught piano once a week for a girl named Emily, and in the chaos of the switch we totally forgot about it.
“Can’t you cancel?” I asked.
“Not at such short notice, plus I cancelled last week! Pleeease hon, it’s just this once and it’s only for an hour.”
I grumbled and searched for way out of this.
“It’ll be over before you know it! You know how to play! You can just do scales with her, it’ll be easy!” She continued to sell me.
“Okay fine! When is it?” I asked.
“I’ll be there.” I said, falling back onto my pillow.
“Well, there’s one more thing. You’re going to need to sell that you’re me so… I picked an outfit out for you.”
“Ugggh. Don’t tell me its a dress.”
“No of course not! It’s a skirt and a blouse… and some jewelry… and I’m going to have to do your makeup.”
“Mom!” I said, turning over and sitting up in outrage.
“Don’t yell at me. Now, I need to go to school so… you need to shower quick. Up!” She said, pulling the covers off.

I grumbled as I made my way to the shower and for the second time showered in my mothers body. The fact that I was getting more comfortable seeing it naked and feeling my breasts made me uncomfortable but I tried not to think about it. I came back into the guest room where my mom was waiting with a makeup bag.
“Okay, get dressed, heres some underwear.” She said, handing me a yellow bra and panty set. When I put the panties on I felt how they went slightly into my ass like a thong, but they weren’t a thong exactly. Still I complained.
“Oh, you’ll get used to them.” She said dismissing me. I rolled my eyes and put the bra on, then the skirt and the shirt. Over the next 20 minutes my mom brushed and blowdried my hair before setting to work on my makeup. The whole affair was annoying especially when she slipped and got mascara in my eye.
“Careful, don’t move. Ha, now you know what us women go through.”

Finally she was done and I looked exactly like she would. When I saw myself in the mirror I couldn’t believe it was me. Finally she gave me a pair of heels and I stepped into them. I saw myself in heels, a skirt, my face made up, and it all felt so wrong.
“Don’t worry, you look great. Remember, you’re Mrs. Coleman. Good luck!” She said as she took her (my) backpack and left for school.

For the next few hours I killed time waiting for Emily to arrive. At one point I was in the kitchen drinking when my Dad came up from the basement to leave for work. When he saw me I noticed him double take.
“Oh, uh, David. You’re… all dressed up.” He said, still perhaps more uncomfortable with the situation than me.
“I have a piano lesson.” I explained glumly.
“I see. ” He said before he took a cup of coffee and left for work. As he left I noticed him steal a glance at my chest. I hated when he did that. I couldn’t help it if I sported his wife’s boobs, or that she dressed me. In fact, it was his fault, and the fact that he had to go to work did not give me a lot of confidence that the machine would be fixed today.
At noon the doorbell ring. At the door was emily.
“Hi Mrs.Coleman.” She said smiling. I smiled back.
“How are you, Emily?” I asked. I saw Emily’s mom wave from her minivan. I waved back before she drove off. Thank god she didn’t come in to talk.
“I’m good.” Emily said. I ushered Emily in and to the dining room where the piano was.

“I have a bit of a headache today so I thought we’d just practice some scales, if that’s okay.” I told Emily.
“Sure Mrs. C. That time of the month?” She asked. This question blindsided me. Obviously it wasn’t, but that reminded me that it COULD be. If I didn’t get out of this body soon, I might need to go through my mom’s period! The thought made me nauseous.
“What? No. Just a… regular headache sweety.”
“Oh, ha, sorry Mrs. C. That was rude.”
“No, don’t worry about it sweety. Now let’s just get started.”

I sat on the end of the piano bench as Emily played scale after scale. I tried to pay attention and correct her on her technique, but I was still shook by Emily’s question. Not only that, but I was somewhat distracted by Emily’s body. I’d always thought she was cute, and even though I had a girlfriend I sometimes fantasized about her. For a moment I stared at her cleavage before my eyes naturally migrated to my own cleavage. I looked down at my body, my female body, my legs crossed in a tight skirt. The feeling that Emily would never even consider me as long as I was in this body made me want to lock myself away forever. I couldn’t get out of this body soon enough.


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