You look in the mirror with astonished eyes, in front of you the reflection of your crush watching back. You were friends for years and when you confessed to her things were not the same anymore, also the tattoo that you made togheter got another meaning. The word “Damage” on your wrists was to remember all the things you went through as friend, and now it’s only meaning was the pain of the two of you not being a couple. And so today, while watching at it crying you wished for things to be different, and that’s when it happened: suddenly under the tattoo now appeared her bracelets, and her pigtails now falling down with armony on your chest was no mistake. You are now her. Running for a mirror you finally take a look at the love of your life from her point of view. Her stunning beaty paralyzes you, every details you missed are now there for you. The lips you always yerned for, her ginger hairs, the elegance of her cleavage, and eyes you could lose yourself in for days. Altough it could be a strange situation you feel somehow ok with it, also starting to feel like she would and remembering her memories, with all that you both went through and with your big surprise her feelings for you. In that moment a notifications arrives on her phone. It’s you, apparently unaware of what happened. Maybe you’ll never find out what really happened, but while looking at the old you and feeling a warm deep in your chest you realize that now on things will be different.


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