Crisis averted

I was delivering pizza to a modeling agency “hello! Pizza delivery for…. I.C. Weiner” realizing I had just been part of a prank, I said “Aw, crud!” outloud. But right then a man showed up, “No no no, it’s no joke, you showed up just in time. Right this way” he said. Expecting to get paid, I followed him. “So sir, it’s $ 10.77” I told him, “just a minute” he said. I then felt something on my neck, I got pricked. “what the?” I said as I fell down to the floor. I didn’t pass out, but I felt so relaxed, I just couldn’t stand up.

They helped me to a couch. “I think the crisis will be solved” the man said, “do you think he will do?” a girl asked. “Yes yes, and stop refering to her as a he”. I was so drugged, that I was sure I heard wrong. I saw as they took all my clothes off, I didn’t fight back or anything, I was so happy, so relaxed. “Its almost gone” the girl said while pointing at my thing. I looked down, and she was right, it was quite small, “goodbye little guy” I said while I waved at it. Then I felt my chest inflate, revealing some d sized breasts. “and… hello girls” I said still with a soft voice. A few minutes later, I was completely a girl. And I felt fine, I wondered how I used to be a guy, being a girl is much better. “She’ll have to wear a wig” the man said, the girl put a long black haired wig on my head. “Don’t worry, in a few months you’ll grow your own” she said, and I smiled.

They helped me get dressed. “It’s time for you to walk on the catwalk for the first time” the girl said as she guided me to my first modeling job. I heard someone on the microphone, “And here we have Kat, wearing a sexy lingerie”. I realized Kat was my name. I started walking, and felt alive again. I started walking sexily, feeling my hips swaying from side to side. As I reached the end of the catwalk, I grabbed my hips and possed sexily. I could feel all eyes on me, I saw lots and lots of flashes. I tried to contain myself, but I was just so turned on, that I got a little wet. “I hope nobody notices” I thought. As I walked back, I heard the man who transformed me into Kat say “Crisis averted”


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