A Mind of Their Own – Pregnant

“How am I?” Tori’s body shouted at Bobbi and Brit (the name Carol’s boobs had decided to go by). “I’m fucking pregnant! It’s not like it’s a walk in the park being this big!”
“Virginia, calm down,” Tori’s vagina had decided to go by the name Virginia. “You wanted to be pregnant, remember? And it’s not like you’re alone: I got knocked up too.” Bobbi lifted her shirt, revealing her large belly and massively swollen tits.
“I know, and at least I get to push this baby out of Tori in a few months. It’ll be rough on me, but I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like for her,” she slapped her pussy, just to make her point. “Speaking of our former owners, Bobbi, I bet your girls are just loving this.” She walked over, and suckled on one of Bobbi’s tits.
“Shut up!” Bobbi shouted. “You’re mine now, and I’ll let her do whatever she wants to you.”
Virginia dropped the tit, letting it slap against Bobbi’s belly. “Brit, what about you? Look at that belly of yours: it could do with some filling up.”
“No!” she shouted. “We-we don’t want to get full. Then she’ll have to milk us…”
Bobbi sighed. “Brit, only half of your mind is your boobs, so you’d be milking yourself!” Only one of Carol’s tits made the transfer with her mind, so now Carol was her right tit, and Brit was her left. Unfortunately for both, their mind was equally split.
Virginia reached out, and pinched one of Brit’s nipples. She let out a very personal yelp.
“Fine, we’ll let you be for now, but you’ll come around to the idea eventually.”


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