My Sister?

“You look beautiful,” John said to his wife as she cradled her pregnant belly. She smiled at him.
“Thanks honey. I don’t always feel like I do, but if you say so,” she said, and he walked forward to put a hand on her belly, smiling back at her. Had she always been taller than him?
“Can you feel your sister kick?” she asked him, his hand still on her belly, which was now at his eye-level.
“What? My sister?” he said shocked. “No, that’s my daughter!”
She laughed. “No silly, she’s your sister! She’s your deadbeat dad’s daughter.” She rolled her eyes, and looked down in disdain at her belly, feeling her swelled and engorged breasts as she did.
“Daddy?” John asked. “When is he coming back?”
“Oh, sweetie, um… I’m not sure, but you know who is coming home soon?” she bent down with some effort to talk to him.
“I am!” John’s step-father said, walking into the room and putting his hand on his wife’s belly. John ran out of the room: he didn’t like seeing Mommy and him kissing. It was too gross.
“Was he asking about his father again?” he asked his wife.
She sighed. “Yes. I don’t want to break his heart, but I know he’s never coming back.”
“And he’s crazy. What kind of guy would knock up a beautiful woman like you…” his voice trailed off as he slipped off the straps of her dress, pulling it down over her round belly. He groped one of her swelled breasts, and she smiled. “And leave behind boobs like these…” She giggled, and he locked the door as she shimmied out of her pants.


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