Pregnant Now

“Hey, wake up!” I heard a voice shouting at me from just above. I woke up and slowly remembered staying the night at Jake’s house. I shook my head, opened my eyes, and looking in the direction of the voice.
“Holy shit!” I screamed, backing away out from under my blankets on the floor. “Who are you?” I gorgeous, dark haired woman in pink nightwear was sitting on the edge of Jake’s bed, her hands resting on her heavily pregnant belly.
“It’s me, Jake!” she said, grinning and rubbing her belly. I just stared at the strange woman, dumbfounded. how could she possibly be Jake? “Remember when we were messing with my sister’s ‘magic’ wishing stone. Well…turns out it really was magic. I jokingly wished to be a sexy pregnant lady, and here I am!”
“And you’re happy about this?”
“Yeah. At first when I woke up, it was rough. I was terrified, but now I kinda love my body: big belly, heavy boobs, and all,” she paused, looking coyly at me. I could feel myself getting hard as I watched her rub her sexy belly. I tried to ignore those thoughts, but I found myself infatuated with the woman my best friend had become.
“And don’t you remember your wish?” she asked, walking up to me and putting her hands on my shoulders, her warm belly pressed up against me.
I nodded, “I said ‘if he’s going to be pregnant, than I wish I was the father.’, so that means…”
“You’re a daddy now,” she said softly, grinning crazily. I reached out and put my own hand on her belly, her belly that was holding my child: a child I didn’t even remember conceiving. But what did that matter? I maneuvered my hand down to the edge of her gown, and pulled it up slightly, revealing her lack of underwear. She shrugged her shoulders, and let the straps fall off her arms. I reached up and pulled her gown off her body completely, her body slowly being exposed to my waiting eyes. No wonder I had conceived a child with this woman: she was gorgeous! When I had removed her gown, my hand made its way to one of her breasts. She moaned softly when I rubbed against her nipple, and as I did so she pulled my boxers down and grabbed my dick in one swift motion. She backed against the bed as she slid me inside of her. I may not had remembered making that baby, but I was going to remember this…


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