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Egyptian surprise

I was on vacation in Egypt when it happened. I was resting in my room when someone knocked on my door. I walked over and opened the door on the threshold stood a huge man, he pushed me to my room so I sat on the bed, and locked the door behind himself. “Who are you?”, I asked him, but he just smiled and replied “shut up whore, im going to fuck you.” “You’re an idiot, I’m not gay, get out of here” I stood up and tried to punch him, but he was very strong, he again with the force pushed me on the bed and laughed in my face “of Course, you’re a woman, you just don’t know it yet bitch.” With these words he undid his pants and pulled out his huge erect cock.
“You see bitch, my dick is magic, he drains men’s energy from such nerds as you and fills them with femmenine energy, turning to voluptuous whores.” I looked at his huge cock fascinated and felt my manhood start living my body, his cock absorbed my masculinity and I felt my dick began to srink rapidly and be drawn into my body together with balls, forming a delicate pussy.
I put my hand inside the panties and felt lips of my new pussy. “Oh my God I’m a woman” I cried a new female voice. “Yes, but not at all yet” he smiled and turned me back to him so I rested my hands on the bed and was on all fours. He tore off my panties, revealing my tender pussy, lifted my shirt, grabbed my waist and shoved his huge cock deep into my tender hot and wet pussy. “Oh my God” I screamed as his cock entered deep into me and he began to pumping his huge shaft in and out of my pussy. “Oh my God, I feel you deep inside me, what are you doing with me” I began to moan like a slut while his cock sliding inside my pussy and filled my body with feminine energy. I felt my waist started to shrink in his hands and my ass began to swell with every friction he rocked his cock into my pussy. My ass swelled more and more turning into a huge bubble butt. My face became feminine, lips swelled and turned into cocksucking lips. My hair grew below my shoulders and became long blonde hair. My Breasts are beginning to swell, nipples had expanded and become huge. I quickly grew huge double D’s. While he was fucking me, my hips widened turning into a wide childbearing hips. I could no longer resisting and the wave of orgasm covered my body. His cock exploded hot stream inside my pussy while I moaned in orgasm. “Oh, Yes, you were a great whore, you like to be a woman I guarantee” with these words he pulled his cock out of my pussy, leaving me alone to lie on the bed.

Stranger in my room.

Once I was vacationing in Africa. I was resting in my room when my door knocked. I walked over and asked, “Who’s there?” but there was no answer. I opened, suddenly a huge black naked man with a force pushed me back into the room. I looked at his huge thick cock, it was giant, probably about 11 inches. I couldn’t stop staring at his cock as if hypnotized. He grinned and said “I See that you like my big black dick, slut.” “You are very lucky, my dick is magic, it turns such bitches like you in real sexbombs”. “What, I’m not a whore…” I tried to protest but my voice changed and became sexy, feminine high pitched voice. “What’s wrong with my voice,” I sound so feminine, but the magic of his giant member was doing a good job. I felt a tingling in my cock as it rapidly began to shrink drawn into my body with the scrotum forming sweet pussy with puffy wet lips. I opened the robe and touched my pussy, a wave of pleasure ran through my body. “Oh my God, I’m a woman,” I said, feeling my soft, tender pussy is ready to engulf his huge black dick. He grinned again, “Yeah bitch, further more” he suddenly came up to me snatched my Bathrobe, turned me and threw me on the bed so I was on all fours. He took me by the waist, which began to rapidly shrink, and inserted his huge cock into my hot ready pussy. I yelped in surprise and felt his cock tightens the muscles of my vagina. He began to pump his huge cock inside and outside my pussy, tearing me apart. I could feel his hips hit my ass and it began to inflate, each blow was becoming softer and softer as I felt my butt is growing becoming a big plump feminine ass. I began to moan like a real whore while he fucked me, long brown curls began to droop of my face framing my beautiful female face. Sweet moans fell from my plump lips as he pumped my pussy from behind. I felt a tingling in my chest when it suddenly began to swell, two huge soft voluptuous Tits size double D has formed on my chest. I moaned and groaned while he fucked me from behind completely turning me into a curvy, voluptuous woman. “Yes, slut you’re so sexy, I always loved voluptuous women, you will like to be a woman I promise, and you will soon see it” he began to speed up pumping into my pussy bringing me to orgasm. I groaned when a wave of orgasm covered me, I felt how his cock exploded inside me in a hot stream. I was in heaven, felt my first female multiple orgasms. After that, he disappeared, leaving me alone with my thoughts. Since then it’s been 9 months, I have a huge pregnant belly, in which two gift left by a strange man who made me a real woman.

Adventure on the island

Once i was on vacation at a resort on the island in the Pacific ocean. I was in my hotel room when suddenly there was a knock at my door. I said “Come in” when I was lying on the bed in a robe. I turned my head to the door and saw a stranger. He was a tall caucasian well built. I asked him “Yes, can I help.” He looked at me with a grin and said “Yes slut, you can help, I wanted to fuck such bigbreasted largeassed black whore like you.” I was caucasian too, so I told him “You’re stupid, I’m a man not a black woman and even more whore.” He just laughed in my face and said “Shut up slut.” He unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick in front of my face. His cock was huge I tried to push him aside but the man was very strong. He grabbed my head and forcefully stuck his huge cock in my mouth. “Now I will fill you with femininity, suck my dick whore.” He start to move my head so his cock slide in and out of my mouth. My lips enveloped his large cock and quickly start to swell into a cocksucking lips. “Yes, suck my dick bitch, its magic already fills you with femininity, look at the color of your skin slut, I always like black women.” Indeed, I looked down at my hands while he forced me to suck his cock and they were black, my skin turned black allover my body. My hair start to fall on my eyes they were black and curly. He rip off my robe and dropped it on the floor. Soon he start to cum deep inside my mouth. His cock was spewing lots of his seed deep into my throat. “Yeah slut, swallow it, take all my seed, it will fill you with femininity even more.” While I swallowed I felt like the female thoughts fill my mind, different sexual images flash before my eyes where I was a gorgeous curvy black woman. He pulled out his dick from my mouth but the cum didn’t stop, his dick continued to ejaculate on my face and chest. His seed immediately took effect, my face turned into a beautiful, feminine face. And my chest tingling filling with warmth, my nipples start to swell, my areolas expand and start to stretch while my breasts swelling to huge double d size boobs. His seed that I swallow turning me into a woman from the inside, reorganizing my internal organs, I felt my penis and testicles retracted into my body forming a lovely sweet pussy. He said, “Turn your back on me whore, I want to see your ass.” I couldn’t resist his seed turning me into a woman more and more with each second. I turned back to him and lifted my ass up exposing my delicate pussy. He continued to cum on my ass while I was shaking it, my ass swelled more and more turning into a giant plump black ass. When he finished cum on me, I was covered in his seed, he then slide his huge cock into my tender pussy from behind and started to fuck me until he brought me to orgasm and then again and again and it continue all day. When he left he said “Bye slut i hope you like your new life.” I lay on the bed exhausted from the orgasms that erased the remmains of my masculinity forever. He turned me into a stunning, gorgeous woman with a perfect hourglass figure, huge firm soft bouncy boobs and giant plamp jiggling ass. Now my name is Alice, I lived on the island since that time. Today I’m 9 months pregnant, I’m expecting twin girls.

Pregnancy test

I was walking in the Park and my attention was drawn by a strange mansion, which I had not seen before in the area. I decided to watch it closer as it looked abandoned. I walked around the mansion, no one was inside, at least I thought so. I went inside and looked around, climbed the stairs and entered the first room. It was dark, I found the switch and turned on the light, my clothes suddenly vanished, I was completely naked. I was scared, i turned and began to pull the door handle, hoping to escape from the mansion but the door was tightly closed. I began to inspect the room it was in pink tones at the wall stood a cradle, opposite the cradle was a huge mirror, and near the cradle stood the nightstand. Something caught my attention on it, i walked over to get a closer look, it was a pregnancy test. Don’t know why I took it and look closer, the test was positive. Suddenly I felt warmth all over the body. The warmth began to concentrate in my pelvis and I felt it began to expand. I turned to the mirror and looked at my reflection, and it began to change. My hips widened wider and wider, becoming a huge women’s childbearing hips. Fat accumulated in my thighs and buttocks, making my ass feminine and curvy. My cock was quickly drawn in my body turning into delicate, feminine pussy. I was horrified knowing what was happening to me. The pregnancy test was turning me into a beautiful woman. While I hold it warmth concentrated in my chest. I looked up and saw in the mirror as my nipples began to swell. My areolas began to expand and I felt my mammary glands inside the breast began to develop rapidly. Fat immediately began to form in my Breasts and they began to grow turning into a huge feminine Tits full of milk. As soon as my womb was formed, I felt like a huge warm water explosion occurred inside of me. I looked down at my belly as it immediately start to expand in the mirror reflection, turning me into a nine month pregnant woman. My belly was huge, somewhere deep in my mind I knew that I was pregnant with twins. Once the transformation was over I looked down at my body, my huge belly and pet it. Thoughts about motherhood filled my mind and I put the pregnancy test on the table.

Gift from vacation

Once i was on vacation in Africa. I rested quietly in my hotel room, when suddenly my attention was drawn by knocking on my door. I got up, put on a robe, go to the door and look through the peephole, there no one was outside the door. I asked, “Who’s there?” but there was no answer. I opened the door and suddenly a huge black man forsfully entered my room. He was huge, muscular and naked, I looked at his penis, it was gigantic. He smiled and said “I see the whore inside of you love my big black dick, I want to make you happy, my cock magic, he transforms such little sluts like you into a real sexbombs.” As soon as he said it I felt warmth in my groin, and my cock was immediately drawn into my body forming a perfect feminine pussy. The man rip off my robe, pushed me on the bed, turned me back to him, grabbed my neck while the other hand grabbed my waist. “Let’s make you a real woman,” he whispered in my ear, and stuck his huge member in my newly formed soft wet pussy. As soon as he entered me, I felt how his huge cock stretches the walls of my vagina, I screamed in unusually high feminine voice. I tried to resist and start to beg him “Please let me go” I tried to escape but he hold me tight. He whispered in my ear “don’t even think, I just started and when I’m done with you, you’ll forget your masculinity forever you little bitch”. He began to pump his cock in and out my pussy, and my ass start to swell, expanding into plump luscious feminine ass. As he pumped into me I could feel my butt swelling and my hips widening turning into a thick child-bearing hips. With every second I became more and more curvy and femmenine down my body as my waist narrow forming the perfect hourglass figure on me. Waves of pleasure filled my mind while he pumped my pussy with his dick, I start to moan like a real whore he turning me into. My hair became long turning into perfect blonde curls. He whispered in my ear, “Yes, moaning slut, I know you like being fucked”. I felt my chest ached and start to fill with sensations, as my nipples start to swell and the areolas expand, my chest start to balloon outward forming a huge sensitive boobs double D size and as they forming on my chest they start to jiggling while he fucked me. I turned into a real lush gorgeous blonde while he fucked me. I could stand no longer as he pumped my pussy to the point of extasy and the waves of multiple orgasms filled my mind as soon as he began to cum deep inside me filling my womb with lots of his seed. I was moaning and screaming in ecstasy while wave after wave of orgasms filled entire of my feminine body. He stuck his huge cock out of me and whispered in my ear “Enjoy your new life little whore” he got up and went out of the room. I lay in bliss until the last masculinity vanished from my mind replacing it with feminine thoughts. Soon I came back home, now my name is Alice, and I am 9 months pregnant, a gift from that strange black man, soon I’ll give birth to twin girls.

Kidnapped in the park

I was kidnapped, while walking in the park.
I was blackout and draged away by a huge black man. I didn’t seen his face. A couple hours latter i find myself in bedroom in big mansion. I didn’t know where this place is been. I was naked and suddenly this big black man enter the room, he look at me with grin smile and said “It looks like my litle slut wake up”. I try to stand up from the bed and anwser him “I’m not a slut you fu…” but i can’t finish my speach. He simply shut my mouth and push me back to the bed. He was to strong, then he turn me back to him that i stand on my hands and knees, he grab my waist and lay all his mass on my back, he was very big and havy. He start to wisper in my ear “Yes, you are the slut, and when i’ve done with you you’ll see it by yourself, you will be one hot and curvy sexbomb”. He then start to wisper a spell on strange language that i’ve never heard into my ear and begin to rub his huge erect cock between my buttcheeks.
Immediaely i feel a tingling sensatio in my ass, as it begin to balloon outward. As he rub his dick between my bottom cheeks they growing bigger and fuller into a huge bubble butt.
He start to pinch and rub my nipples adn again i felt the same tingling in my chest. My areolas start to widen and my nipples grow big and hard as he do so, the tingling sansaton spread all over my chest and i feel the waight gaining on it as two mounds of flesh start developing on my chest. He fondle my big erect nipples and in his hand my breasts rappidly grow, ballooning outward into nice double D’s. My hair start to growing rappidly into long brown hair, they covered my face and eyes and cascading down to my breast. I was in trance by his spell, i couldn’t do anything. He wisper to me between the lines of his spell “Look at you, look how you blossomed, soon you’ll be the hot sexy slut that you’re”, his words making me hot as his spell changing my body into voluptuous beauty, i start to moan like woman that he turning me in. Finally he grab my wimp penis and balls and start to push them against my body, my penis shrinking immediately turning into a little clitty, and my balls retruckt into my body revealing soft wet and hot pussy. He push his huge shaft deep inside my wet cunt and i squeal as he start to thrust in and out, he also start to stroke my clit while fucking me hard. As he start to cum deep inside me, i felt a huge wave of orgasm cover me and my mind fly away into space. He thrust erupting his seed deep into me and wisper into my ear “Now you mine slut, forever.” I moaned and rub my face, hair and breast, still been under the extasy of orgasm, as my masculinity vanished away from me completly. Read more

Magic in Spain

Once i was on vacation in Spain. When I walked down the streets of the town in what I was stay at the hotel, I saw a street magician. I was curious and stopped to watch his show until the end, when the show came to an end I was one viewer. I put a little money in his hat and decided to say goodbye, he stopped me and asked, “Mister, I see my tricks interesting you.” “Yes, you are a very skilled magician,” I replied. Then he asked, “And would you like to see some real magic”. “Of course, show me” I decided to spur him, though of course magic doesn’t exist. He smiled at me and replied “No, not here, we’ll meet you later, I will show” with these words he covered himself in smoke and when the smoke vanished, the magician disappeared. “Classical disappearance, not bad” I thought and went to the hotel room, pondering over his words that he would show me a trick tomorrow or the next day, when I again will walking there. Read more

Amazing party

When I was on holiday in America, I often attend different parties. Almost every party I met one black guy, he had fun, talked with guests, and I never paid him much attention until one day I noticed that he was talking to some guy on the couch, they drank, laughed, joked, and then go to the second floor. I thought that they are gays, and again did not pay much attention to it, but after about an hour this black guy went down from the 2nd floor and quietly left the party, and then a beautiful girl followed him down and also quietly left the party. “Strangely, he go upstairs with the guy and went with the girl” I thought, but did not attach any importance to this. Read more

Wrong package

I was at home watching TV, when suddenly my door bell ring. I went to the door and asked “Who’s there?” it was the postman. He brought me a package, I signed for and he left. It was a bit strange, I haven’t ordered anything lately. Anyway I took the package and brought it into the room, opened it and there was huge pink Dildo. It was very strange, who would send me such thing. I looked at it as it hypnotized me. I looked at it and a strange voice sounded in my head “Take me, lick me, suck me,” it was very strange. I closed the box, but the voice in my head kept getting louder “come on slut, take me, suck me, I know you want it.” “What the hell” I thought, and diside to return watching TV, suddenly it start to show as a bigbreasted blonde licked and sucked the same pink Dildo like in my box. I switched the channel but there was the same blonde, again and again blonde sucking Dildo. The voice in my head just shouted “Come on slut suck Dildo” I could no longer resist, I opened the box against my will and took Dildo. I opened my mouth and shoved a huge Dildo inside it and start to lick and suck it. The voice in my head continued to whisper “Good slut, very good suck me” while my lips began to swell turning into a plump cocksucking lips. My hair turning into long blonde hair. I rolled my eyes while sucking Dildo and a voice in my head continue repeating “Yes, Yes, good slut, suck me”, my face became feminine. My whole body began to tingle while the magic spread through it. My frame became smaller. My shoulders narowed while my hips widened and waist became thiner, i get perfect hourglass figure. My chest itches as my nipples start to swell, my areolas expanded, and two huge fatty piece of flesh start to form on my chest. I grow large soft and firm boobs double D size. My ass swollen in a matter of seconds turning into fat jiggling, feminine ass. My penis sucked inside my body forming delicate pussy. I fully became a woman and the voice in my head start to whisper “Come on slut, shove me in your wet pussy” as hypnotized I obeyed and shoved a huge Dildo into my pussy. Then I start to pump the Dildo in and out of my pussy. The feeling was amazing, I quickly brought myself to orgasm and the magic Dildo vaporized all my manhood without a trace. “Yes, good slut, now you Bimbo forever,” the voice in my head start to fade and thoughts about sex as a woman start to fill my mind. Now my name is Alice, and I desire to suck and fuck big meaty cocks.