Amazing party

When I was on holiday in America, I often attend different parties. Almost every party I met one black guy, he had fun, talked with guests, and I never paid him much attention until one day I noticed that he was talking to some guy on the couch, they drank, laughed, joked, and then go to the second floor. I thought that they are gays, and again did not pay much attention to it, but after about an hour this black guy went down from the 2nd floor and quietly left the party, and then a beautiful girl followed him down and also quietly left the party. “Strangely, he go upstairs with the guy and went with the girl” I thought, but did not attach any importance to this.

But a few days later on another party, I sat quietly alone on the couch and drink rum, pondering the meaning of life, when suddenly that black guy sat down beside me and said, “hi.” I was surprised, but greeted him, and we started talking, after a while I was feeling pretty drunk, and I asked him about those case with a guy a few days ago. He smiled at me and said let’s go upstairs, I’ll show you” without thinking I agreed. We go to the top floor, he opened for me the door to the room and I walked in, he walked behind me and locked it. I sat down on the bed and turned to him, he stood before me with his pants down and stuck his huge cock out. I shouted in shock, “Oh my God, you’re gay”. He laughed and said “No, my dear bitch, I love women, and my magic member helping me in this.” “You see, my huge penis makes any guy in a voluptuous, lovely, slutty bitch, now you get to experience that for yourself.”

I looked at his huge cock fascinated, almost not listening what he told me. Magic spread from his huge cock flowed into my body and mind. In my mind, began to appear different sexual visions where I am a woman and fuck in all holes. I felt the heat spreading through my body. He looked at me with a grin smile and said, “come on slut, you want to suck my big black cock”. His words penetrated into my mind and immediately I saw this picture as I suck his cock. I got down on all fours crawled to him and grabbed his huge cock with my hands, and then took it into my mouth and began to suck and lick it. Immediately magic member started to change my face, my lips swell and become plump cocksucking lips, my nose has decreased and the skin became softer, long hair started to fall down my face. I felt the heat concentrated in my groin and my own cock began to shrink, my scrotum has shrunk too drawn into my body and forming a soft delicate pussy. I turned into a woman but couldn’t help myself, magic dick in my mouth was doing its work good. I felt my mouth and tongue brought him to orgasm, his cock erupted with a jet of hot sperm in my mouth and without thinking I swallowed it. His seed in me brought the heat in my body to a new level. I was so hot that I stood up and began unbuttoning my shirt. The heat is concentrated in my chest and I felt as it started to inflate my chest. My nipples immediately swelled and expanded, also began to happen with my chest. Two huge inflated globe of flesh began to pull my shirt when I tried to undo it. He helped me to unbutton my shirt and pulled it off me revealing my huge, soft Tits. He kissed me and I kissed him hard while with one hand he fondled my Breasts, while his other hand caressed my pussy tender, hot, already wet and wanting his cock inside. I pulled away from the kiss, lowered my pants and lay on the bed on all fours. I began to moan and beg him to fuck me. He came up behind me and began to tease my hot pussy with his huge cock. I began to groan with pleasure even louder and begged him “Please don’t tease me, shove your huge dick inside me.” He smirked and smiled at me again and said “you know, You want it, slut, that’s why you ride my dick”. He stuck the tip of his dick into my pussy and began to wait, and I began to put myself on his huge cock arching my back and moving my ass and hips. “Oh my God, you’re so huge, I feel your entire length deep inside me” I moaned when I ride his cock. Penetrating deep into my womb, the cock began to change the past in me that was not female. My hips during frictions began to swell, turning into a lush feminine childbearing hips. The heat started to concentrate in my ass and it too began to swell becoming huge, plump, jiggling bubble butt. When I began to approach orgasm he grabbed my huge ass and began to fuck me in doggy style. A Tramp Stamp tattoo appeared on my lower back while he fucked me. He also became closer to orgasm and his cock erupted inside my pussy with a hot stream of cum, wave after wave of multiple orgasm began to cover my mind, he poked his cock out of me and I fell on the bed with no power to stand on all fours. He slapped my ass and smirked and said “you were a great whore, enjoy the new women’s lives” With these words he got dressed and left leaving me alone naked on the bed.

Nine months have passed, I walk around with a huge pregnant belly. I am soon going to give birth to my daughters the twins, thanks to that strange black guy from the party.


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