Kidnapped in the park

I was kidnapped, while walking in the park.
I was blackout and draged away by a huge black man. I didn’t seen his face. A couple hours latter i find myself in bedroom in big mansion. I didn’t know where this place is been. I was naked and suddenly this big black man enter the room, he look at me with grin smile and said “It looks like my litle slut wake up”. I try to stand up from the bed and anwser him “I’m not a slut you fu…” but i can’t finish my speach. He simply shut my mouth and push me back to the bed. He was to strong, then he turn me back to him that i stand on my hands and knees, he grab my waist and lay all his mass on my back, he was very big and havy. He start to wisper in my ear “Yes, you are the slut, and when i’ve done with you you’ll see it by yourself, you will be one hot and curvy sexbomb”. He then start to wisper a spell on strange language that i’ve never heard into my ear and begin to rub his huge erect cock between my buttcheeks.
Immediaely i feel a tingling sensatio in my ass, as it begin to balloon outward. As he rub his dick between my bottom cheeks they growing bigger and fuller into a huge bubble butt.
He start to pinch and rub my nipples adn again i felt the same tingling in my chest. My areolas start to widen and my nipples grow big and hard as he do so, the tingling sansaton spread all over my chest and i feel the waight gaining on it as two mounds of flesh start developing on my chest. He fondle my big erect nipples and in his hand my breasts rappidly grow, ballooning outward into nice double D’s. My hair start to growing rappidly into long brown hair, they covered my face and eyes and cascading down to my breast. I was in trance by his spell, i couldn’t do anything. He wisper to me between the lines of his spell “Look at you, look how you blossomed, soon you’ll be the hot sexy slut that you’re”, his words making me hot as his spell changing my body into voluptuous beauty, i start to moan like woman that he turning me in. Finally he grab my wimp penis and balls and start to push them against my body, my penis shrinking immediately turning into a little clitty, and my balls retruckt into my body revealing soft wet and hot pussy. He push his huge shaft deep inside my wet cunt and i squeal as he start to thrust in and out, he also start to stroke my clit while fucking me hard. As he start to cum deep inside me, i felt a huge wave of orgasm cover me and my mind fly away into space. He thrust erupting his seed deep into me and wisper into my ear “Now you mine slut, forever.” I moaned and rub my face, hair and breast, still been under the extasy of orgasm, as my masculinity vanished away from me completly.

Thats how i was kiddnaped and forcefully turned into a woman, it was eight mounths ago, today i’m pregnant in the middle of my third tremister, i’m huge like a house, i expecting two beautifull doughters and can’t wait when i give birth.


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