Adventure on the island

Once i was on vacation at a resort on the island in the Pacific ocean. I was in my hotel room when suddenly there was a knock at my door. I said “Come in” when I was lying on the bed in a robe. I turned my head to the door and saw a stranger. He was a tall caucasian well built. I asked him “Yes, can I help.” He looked at me with a grin and said “Yes slut, you can help, I wanted to fuck such bigbreasted largeassed black whore like you.” I was caucasian too, so I told him “You’re stupid, I’m a man not a black woman and even more whore.” He just laughed in my face and said “Shut up slut.” He unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick in front of my face. His cock was huge I tried to push him aside but the man was very strong. He grabbed my head and forcefully stuck his huge cock in my mouth. “Now I will fill you with femininity, suck my dick whore.” He start to move my head so his cock slide in and out of my mouth. My lips enveloped his large cock and quickly start to swell into a cocksucking lips. “Yes, suck my dick bitch, its magic already fills you with femininity, look at the color of your skin slut, I always like black women.” Indeed, I looked down at my hands while he forced me to suck his cock and they were black, my skin turned black allover my body. My hair start to fall on my eyes they were black and curly. He rip off my robe and dropped it on the floor. Soon he start to cum deep inside my mouth. His cock was spewing lots of his seed deep into my throat. “Yeah slut, swallow it, take all my seed, it will fill you with femininity even more.” While I swallowed I felt like the female thoughts fill my mind, different sexual images flash before my eyes where I was a gorgeous curvy black woman. He pulled out his dick from my mouth but the cum didn’t stop, his dick continued to ejaculate on my face and chest. His seed immediately took effect, my face turned into a beautiful, feminine face. And my chest tingling filling with warmth, my nipples start to swell, my areolas expand and start to stretch while my breasts swelling to huge double d size boobs. His seed that I swallow turning me into a woman from the inside, reorganizing my internal organs, I felt my penis and testicles retracted into my body forming a lovely sweet pussy. He said, “Turn your back on me whore, I want to see your ass.” I couldn’t resist his seed turning me into a woman more and more with each second. I turned back to him and lifted my ass up exposing my delicate pussy. He continued to cum on my ass while I was shaking it, my ass swelled more and more turning into a giant plump black ass. When he finished cum on me, I was covered in his seed, he then slide his huge cock into my tender pussy from behind and started to fuck me until he brought me to orgasm and then again and again and it continue all day. When he left he said “Bye slut i hope you like your new life.” I lay on the bed exhausted from the orgasms that erased the remmains of my masculinity forever. He turned me into a stunning, gorgeous woman with a perfect hourglass figure, huge firm soft bouncy boobs and giant plamp jiggling ass. Now my name is Alice, I lived on the island since that time. Today I’m 9 months pregnant, I’m expecting twin girls.


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