Leaving home

John was going through a rough time. His girlfriend left him, recently, his father died, he was stuck with a shitty job. When he asked me if he could stay at my place for a few days, I quickly said yes.
My girlfriend, Emma, wasn’t happy that I didn’t ask her but she understood the situation and accepted.

It started off really well. John was a nice guy, very polite. Emma told me that she was happy to meet him, but she still hoped that he wouldn’t stay here too long.

After a few days however, John started to be a bit more… “at ease”. That made me feel uncomfortable. He didn’t ask if he could borrow this or that. He spent hours in the shower, taking all the hot water. My girlfriend didn’t seem to care too much, and that made me even more nervous. I couldn’t ask him to leave…

Things grew even stranger with time. Sometimes, Emma and John weren’t waiting for me to get home to eat, they would go out without me, etc.
I didn’t feel at home anymore. What was happening?
I noticed that John borrowed more and more things from me. My clothes, my car, …

One day, I fell asleep on the couch while we were watching a movie. When I woke up, no one else was here. I went to me bedroom to see John and Emma in our bed. I was shocked but didn’t manage to say anything. After all, I was sleeping on the couch, where he usually slept, so it was normal that he went there… I guess.

When he got up, he was wearing my clothes, and holding hands with my girlfriend!
They came to me and said “Listen, John, we know that you’ve had it hard recently, but we think it’s time you go now… If you want you can stay one more night with us, and leave tomorrow, what do you think?”

I didn’t understand what was happening. I just said “Yes, I understand that you two want to be alone, it’s ok. I’ll go and live with my brother for a while”.
Why did I just say that? I didn’t even have a brother!
I swear I could see some smirk on Fred’s… John’s face. Of course, he had a perfect life, and a nice girlfriend so I understand that he didn’t want a loser like me in his life.

The next morning as I packed my stuff, I went to their bedroom to say goodbye. I heard they were busy… I can’t imagine what it must be like to have a perfect couple like this.
Oh well, I’ll just go and leave those two together.

Strange. I feel like I’m leaving home. I guess it’s just because I’ve crushed there for some time.


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