I was out shopping for my mom when I needed to grab some food for her. I went to the produce isle of the local super market and checked her list. I couldn’t read one of the items she wrote so I had to give her a call. I dialed her number and she quickly picked up.

“Hey mom, what’s the last item on the list? Melons? Okay, thanks. Yes, I know you really need some for tonights dinner, I’ll be sure to get some.” I hung up and looked for the melons. After getting towards the end of the isle, I saw that there were two melons left. I went over and picked them both up. Man what luck! As I was putting them in my cart, a little old woman stopped me.

“Excuse me, young man?” She said, putting her hand on my arm. “Would it be possible that you can share those melons? They are the last in stock.”

“I know ma’m, but I really need these for tonight.” I said, apologizing to her. She looked a bit annoyed.

“Are you sure you can’t even spare one melon?” She asked again.

“Yes ma’m I’m sorry. I need both these melons.” She got angry after I said that.

“Fine young man, if you want melons that badly, I’ll give you some melons!” The old woman started speaking wildly under her breath and making hand motions towards me. All of a sudden my body felt hot and I dropped the melons. My hair grew quickly out from my head and changed to a dark shade of purple. It grew longer and longer, all the way too my ass. My after my hair grew, my entire body began to shrink. I must have gone down 8 inches in height! I became thinner as my waist went in and my hips went out. My ass also began to grow out a bit. My face morphed to become a pretty little face any man would call ‘cute’. Finally, all of the hot and pressure began to build up in my chest. My chest started to inflate and ballooned outwards giving me two full breasts. My clothes began to morph, my top becoming a tight pink top that showed off some deep cleavage while my pants began tight jeans.

“What did you do to me, lady!” I yelled at her. I gasped and put my hands on my throat. My voice was now the definition of girly.

“You wanted melons so badly, I gave you some of your own!” She said, pointing to my breasts. “Now young lady, I gave you a magnificent pair of melons that you will always have. If we ever meet again, I’ll think about changing you back, but until then, enjoy! You also might want to buy some bras. You look to be about a D Cup. ” And with that the lady left. I looked down and sighed. When I got home my mom loved that she had a new daughter. I felt sick that she wasn’t worried and all my sister did was get jealous that I now had bigger breasts than her. I decided to go to bed. When I woke up the next morning and grabbed the paper. My heart sank. I saw the old woman in the obituary. She died a few hours after changing me. When I told me mom she was so happy!

“Oh James! Actually, your new name will be Janine! I can’t wait to have a second daughter! Lets go shopping! We need to buy you some new pretty dresses and some nice matching bras and panties.” I looked down at my breasts and frowned. If only I gave her a melon.
I took this idea from the comic
I love his/her work and you should check out more of it!


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