Is that your… brother? 2

“Oh, hey guys!” Kyle said nervously to his sister Amanda and her friend Steph. “What are you guys doing here right now? I thought you were at Steph’s house.”

“We decided to come home early.” Amanda said. “Why are you looking so nervous?” Amanda walked down the hallway and saw that her door was wide open. “Yep. I knew it. This is actually why I brought Steph here!”

“I’m sorry for going into your room again, Amanda.” Kyle said staring at the ground. “But you should probably lock your door!” He looked up again and mocked his sister. “Also, what did you mean that’s why I brought Steph here.”

“I’ll show you!” Amanda yelled, getting angry at her brother.

“Alright, what do you want him to look like?” Steph asked, looking at Kyle.

“Look like,” muttered Kyle. “What?”

“Let’s see. Long black hair, a very cute face with nice lips. Also, give him some nice jewelry so he will jingle when he walks. Give him long pink nails and small and dainty hands. Make him shorter than me, lose all the muscle mass, thin and wide hips. As for the most feminine part? C-Cups seem good for him. Some nice big tits that he won’t be able to hide. Lastly, get rid of his clothes accept for some red panties.”

“Alright,” Steph said, writing down the last part. “I think I got it all.” Kyle was dumfounded.

“What the hell are you guys on?” He said. Steph crumpled up the piece of paper she wrote everything on and tossed it to Kyle. As soon as he caught it, it exploded and his body was surrounded by a pink cloud. After a second or two the cloud was gone and a gorgeous bombshell was standing where Kyle was.

“What the hell was that?” Kyle said, gasping at his new voice. “Why do I sound like this!?” He noticed he was shorter than her sister now and walked over to her. That’s when he noticed the jiggle on his chest. He looked down and screamed. “I have fucking tits!”

“Can I stop that screaming?” Steph asked Amanda.

“Sure, I don’t mind.” Steph told Kyle to stop talking and stand still, so Kyle did. “This is punishment for always messing with my stuff, Kyle.” Amanda said. “Accept you don’t look like a Kyle anymore. How about Kylie. That’s a nice, pretty name. Maybe once you spend some time as a girl you will respect me and my stuff more. Steph will change you back later, but I’m going to need some leverage so you don’t rat me out.” Amanda picked up her phone. “Steph, can you make my new lovely sister into a cam-whore?”

“Oh, sure,” Steph said giggling. “I never thought of that for Claire! Kylie, smile.” Kylie started to smile. Amanda started recording. “Now, start fondling yourself.” Kylie, still smiling, started massaging her new breasts. Inside, Kyle was incredibly embarrassed but he couldn’t do anything about it. Right now, he was just his sister cam-whore.


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