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Great Shift: Military Duty

The Great Shift disrupted many sectors and brought many adjustments. The Army was just one of the many areas and none knew it better than Sgt. Patrick O’Malley. Read more

Exchange Island mirror

“Some holiday!” grumbled Peter looking at the mirror.
He had such high hopes for his trip to Exchange Island. Not only the place looked amazing, but he would have been free of his opressive parents, since he was going with his aunt Ruth.
His enthusiasm went even higher when he was told what happens at Exchange Island. He simply couldn’t believe he was going to swap bodies with someone else. He hoped to get some buff guy, to have a change from his skinny 16 years old self.
Whatever hopes he had were crushed once he arrived there and got swapped with none other than his aunt Ruth.
Now a 45 years old woman, Peter spent the first two days locked in his room, while aunt Ruth went around parading her new twenty-something self. On the third day he woke up and looked at himself, naked for maybe the first time.
“It sucks to be old and it sucks to be a woman” he complained “But I have to admit that aunt Ruth is pretty packed!”.
As Peter began touching his big breasts, he began changing his mind about his swap. Maybe he could have some fun as well…

Mother’s wish

Molly was cleaning up her son Brian’s bedroom when she heard a scream and suddenly a skimpy dressed girl entered the room.
“Mom?! What the hell happened!?” the girl screamed in panic.
“Who are you?” Molly asked, while suddenly coming to a shocking realization “No, it can’t be….”
Just seconds before, Molly was complaining about her son messiness and careless wished for a daughter. It seemed that somebody heard her and granted her wish, because suddenly Brian morphed from a tall guy to a small and curvy girl.
Molly thought that a daughter would have been less messy than her son Brian, which was not the case. Apparently her daughter Brianna was equally messy, and in addition she was a total slut, as noted by her clothing choices!

Tomorrow I diet

“If Valerie could see me now! She’d totally freak out” Jamie said, curling the spoon in the open jar of Nutella.
“She was always sooo careful with what she ate” he stopped and ate a spoonful of Nutella, then addes “Mmmmhhh….”
Once again he dipped the spoon inside the jar: “I’m almost hearing her saying: ‘this will go straight on my hips!’. You know what, now these are my hips, so I’ll do with them what I want. And right now I want to eat Nutella. Dammit, I’ve just found out this Great Shift thing is permanent and that I’ll be a woman forever, I deserve something to ease the shock. I’ll think tomorrow about my weight!”.

Perv swap

“I need to resist. Cynthia said the swap will last only for the duration of this candlelight. One hour. I can do it. If only massaging my pussy didn’t feel so good…” mumbled John.
The two swapped bodies as a bet. Cynthia wanted to prove John that he was a perv not because he was a guy, but because he simply was one. She dared him into swapping bodies and resist without an orgasm for one hour. The catch was that if he didn’t compiled, the swap will be permanent.
However, while John was fighting hard not to cum in his newly female body, Cynthia was senselessly fucking John’s girlfriend Beth….

Fertility Program

“It’s the government, the damn government…” Tom mumbles angrily while fighting to hook his bra.
Eight months pregnant, four months since he grew breasts and Tom is still fighting with the basics of his predictment. Well, it ain’t easy for him. And he is kinda right in blaming the government for his situation.
When the government launced the Fertility Program, they were making an unprecedent solution to a long problem. The nation needed more babies, to ensure its future, but women were right in not wanting to be the only ones sharing the burden. So new advancement in biochemistry made male pregnancies possible and there you go.
All households were now required to have at least three kids and in case the wife was infertile or was the breadwinner of the house, it would have been the husband’s duty to carry a child.
That’s exactly what happened to Tom. His wife Susan was making more money and had better career prospects than him. So he was the one who got impregnated.
Thanks to the huge amount of female hormones in his body, Tom became more and more feminine by the month. Now he is almost at the end of his term and he has changed so much nobody would recognized him.
The first one to be amazed by the changes is Tom himself. Never he would have thought that his female self would have been so curvy and busty! Especially since he hated bra with a passion, but his bust size doesn’t really allow him to go around without one.
Tom may disagree but he indeed proved the good results of the Fertility Program!


Marlene questioned the resistance of her boyfriend Willie, saying he was always cumming too quickly. Willie replied that she couldn’t possibly understand, but she was insisted and declared that she could resist much longer than him if she was him.
So when Willie found a bodyswap spell, he dared Marlene to resist more than him to a handjob. She promptly accepted.
Two minutes during the handjob Marlene was trying hard to resist, biting her lips to not show how much he wanted to moan and said: “You see…I can resist! It’s not, it’s not so..hard to not cum!”
Willie just poked her dick and said: “Really?”
And then Marlene just erupted cum, losing the bet. She didn’t care though as she found out how pleasant it was to cum as a man.