Exchange Island mirror

“Some holiday!” grumbled Peter looking at the mirror.
He had such high hopes for his trip to Exchange Island. Not only the place looked amazing, but he would have been free of his opressive parents, since he was going with his aunt Ruth.
His enthusiasm went even higher when he was told what happens at Exchange Island. He simply couldn’t believe he was going to swap bodies with someone else. He hoped to get some buff guy, to have a change from his skinny 16 years old self.
Whatever hopes he had were crushed once he arrived there and got swapped with none other than his aunt Ruth.
Now a 45 years old woman, Peter spent the first two days locked in his room, while aunt Ruth went around parading her new twenty-something self. On the third day he woke up and looked at himself, naked for maybe the first time.
“It sucks to be old and it sucks to be a woman” he complained “But I have to admit that aunt Ruth is pretty packed!”.
As Peter began touching his big breasts, he began changing his mind about his swap. Maybe he could have some fun as well…


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