Fertility Program

“It’s the government, the damn government…” Tom mumbles angrily while fighting to hook his bra.
Eight months pregnant, four months since he grew breasts and Tom is still fighting with the basics of his predictment. Well, it ain’t easy for him. And he is kinda right in blaming the government for his situation.
When the government launced the Fertility Program, they were making an unprecedent solution to a long problem. The nation needed more babies, to ensure its future, but women were right in not wanting to be the only ones sharing the burden. So new advancement in biochemistry made male pregnancies possible and there you go.
All households were now required to have at least three kids and in case the wife was infertile or was the breadwinner of the house, it would have been the husband’s duty to carry a child.
That’s exactly what happened to Tom. His wife Susan was making more money and had better career prospects than him. So he was the one who got impregnated.
Thanks to the huge amount of female hormones in his body, Tom became more and more feminine by the month. Now he is almost at the end of his term and he has changed so much nobody would recognized him.
The first one to be amazed by the changes is Tom himself. Never he would have thought that his female self would have been so curvy and busty! Especially since he hated bra with a passion, but his bust size doesn’t really allow him to go around without one.
Tom may disagree but he indeed proved the good results of the Fertility Program!


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