Great Shift: Military Duty

The Great Shift disrupted many sectors and brought many adjustments. The Army was just one of the many areas and none knew it better than Sgt. Patrick O’Malley.

He was one of the most respected soldier in the Army. A hulk of a man with many active operations under his belt, he was a physical presence to reckon, a man’s man that was humbling all his fellow soldiers.

That all changed with the Great Shift. O’Malley ended up in the body of blonde stripper named Cammi. His new body was smaller, weaker, very curvy and busty. People were still impressed by his physical appearance, but not for the same reasons.

Of course the Army couldn’t dismiss him. Doing so would be a waste of valuable knowledge and a PR disaster. So O’Malley was put on a more office-like job, overlooking the cadets. Now he had a lot of paper work and desk time. The endless days were just a constant reminder of his new physical apperance, with the blonde hair always in his view, the big boobs spurting forward and making even the writing of a report a hard task.

On one of these long, endless office hours, cadet Gareth Yates was assigned to clean his office. O’Malley here and there sneaked a peek at the young man.

“Lucky bastard, he’s still a man and doesn’t even deserve it. He’s a terrible soldier” he thought.

However, looking at Yates’ bulging biceps and musclular body, O’Malley started to feel a very different feeling spreading throughout his body. His nipples hardened at the young man sight, his pussy moistened at the thought of his naked body.

“Damn body! I can’t stop thinking about his male body, his muscles, his probably disappointingly small dick. At least he still has one. Not like me. Now I have a pussy. A wet, eager pussy. Dammit! I’m a man, not some cock-hungry chick!” he kept thinking, while one of his hands absently gently stroke his pussy lips.

O’Malley sighed. It was not the first time his female urges had overcome him. His was the former body of a stripper after all. And he was working all day with young, fit men. But usually he was having these cravings outside of work, where he could alternatevely masturbate or find an easy lay to fix his needs. Not that day. He knew that he wouldn’t resist that long to make it home.

“I wonder what my superior would think if I begin to fuck around with the cadets…Well I guess there’s only one way to find out…” he thougt before calling out Yates.

Sgt. O’Malley that day had to give up any hope to keep the travesty that he was still a man and of a higher profile career in the Army. However, on that day he started a role that he would find to appreciate even more, those of the sex instructor for his cadets.


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