At the beach

There I was, walking on the beach, with a tiny pink bikini. It wasn’t my first day pretending to be a girl, but that day, I sure hoped it would be the last. Infront of me were Emily and Amy, my best friends. They were unaware that I wasn’t really a girl. Don’t get me wrong, I have the body of a girl, boobs, pussy, long blonde hair, hour glass figure, and sometimes I even have the mind of a girl.

It wasn’t always like this. A couple of weeks ago I was a man. I had a girlfriend and I had a perfect job. “I can’t believe your boyfriend just dissapeared” Emily told Amy. Oh yes, they were talking about me, well the former me. I guess I forgot to say Amy used to be my girlfriend. “I know, he just left a note, and he just disappeared. I guess we are through!” Amy said. I don’t know who left the note, but it hadn’t been me. One night I was a man, and the next I was my next door neighbor Kim. Thank god she didn’t have a boyfriend, it is enough to pretend to be a girl, it would be worse to pretend to like guys.

As usual we met a couple of guys, James and Andrew. “You look kinda shy” Andrew told me. I was looking at my own breasts, when he said that. “Oh sorry, you were saying?” I asked. “I said you look kind of shy” he repeated. “I don’t know why though. Because with your looks you should be more confident” I just blushed. Ever since I became Kim, no one had complimented my looks. “How about a drink?” he asked. “No no… I don’t want to leave Amy and…” I was saying as Emily interrupted me, “don’t worry Kim, go with him” she said. I had no choice but to walk with him.

He was the kind of guy that didn’t talk about himself, but instead asked lots of questions. A few steps, and he already knew my full name, how old I was, that I had two brothers and a sister. I don’t know why, but I just felt like talking a talking. I didn’t feel shy any more. “I bet you feel like you don’t belong here” he said, but I didn’t have time to answer, he was already ordering a couple of drinks for us. “Here you go” he said. It was the girliest drink I had ever seen, but I drank it none the less. We continued talking, after a few minutes I was the one asking the questions. I learned his full name, he owned his own company, and he had recently broken up with a cheating girlfriend.

We continued talking, no one had made me laugh as much a he did. For a second or two I forgot who I used to be. I just wanted to kiss the guy. And his lips were so close to mine, I even felt goosebumps. “Look at the time” I interrupted. Hours had passed, the sun was setting. “I think I have to go… Amy and Emily must be worr…” I didn’t even finish that sentence, he went straight for it, he kissed me. And as much shame I should feel for it, I kissed him back. That very same day I accepted my fate. “The old me is gone. I must start my new life as Kim, I don’t want to destroy her life too” I kept repeating myself.

I followed my own advice, I have been dating Andrew ever since. He makes me feel like the lady I am. Hopefully he will propose soon. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.


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