Twin Peaks Promotion

I had been working in the dishroom for quite awhile at Twin Peaks. I wasn’t rich, but I made good enough money, and got to watch beautiful girls all day- it was a win win in my book.

The manager pulled me into his office one day- they were short a girl who had just quit. “Can you go out and work the floor for a bit?”. “Sure thing boss”…I thought it was odd that he wanted me to go out, but figured he just really needed to make sure tables were being taken care of. “Just make sure to stop and ask Bethany for directions, she is head of house tonight.”

“Oh no…this won’t do…we have a reputation to maintain” Bethany stammered at me when I came up asking her for directions. “Come with me Jim, I have a few things for you.”

We went into the back, where Bethany pulled out a binder labeled “For Head of House: In Case of Emergency”. She read something from a page, and a light blinded me. When my vision came back, I realized that I was shorter. Then the real shock hit me as I noticed my boobs. My boobs…that was something I thought I would never say.

“Sorry about this Jim, but for tonight you are Ginny,the beautiful new waitress.”

I was strangely okay with that. As I looked in a mirror in the room, I realized I was beautiful.

The tips I got that night were amazing. And all the other waitresses were so friendly with me! I had so much fun. I forgot that I wasn’t always a woman.

Bethany found me at the end of the night. “So Ginny, interested in a promotion up to full time waitresses”

I practically shouted “Yes!”.

“Welcome aboard girl! Just let me read a few more things from this book, and your whole life will adjust accordingly”

I’m so happy about my new life and my promotion. I’ve never looked back!


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