So, how do you feel?

When my boyfriend asked me “so did it work? how do you feel?” I felt confused. “How am I supposed to feel silly?” I asked him. “So, you don’t remember a thing?” he asked. “What’s with all these weird questions? Of course I remember everything. We met 2 months ago, and started dating that very same day” I told him.

He then got his phone out, and showed me a video, it was from one of his friends. Funny, I don’t remember him at all, but he does seem familiar. In the video, he drank some kind of potion, and immidiately after, he started changing. I saw how he grew long hair, just like mine, his body changed from slightly overweight, into a slim figure like mine. And that was when I realized it was me in the video. “Now you understand?” my boyfriend asked me. “Well, kinda, I see I used to be that guy, but I don’t feel like him at all”, I took the phone from his hands, and deleted the video. “There, no more evidence of me being that guy. Now lets go upstairs and make out.”


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