From the Worst to the Best Event

“What’s the matter, Kyle? Are you afraid of getting beat by a girl at basketball again?” Jennifer said to me in a taunting voice. Jennifer wasn’t actually Jennifer at the moment though; her body is actually being possessed by my friend Brad.

Brad and I have been friends since we were kids, but he unfortunately died in a car accident last year. I was devastated after his death, until I discovered that he wasn’t really gone a few months ago. One day, my twin sister came into my room and claimed that she was actually Brad. I thought that she was trying to mess with me, until she told me some things that only Brad knew. I still thought that it was impossible for Brad to still be around and for him to be in my sister’s body, until he then stripped her body down to her underwear in front of me. My sister Victoria would’ve never done that, especially in front of me. It had to have been true that Brad was somehow possessing my sister.

After putting Victoria’s clothes back on, Brad then explained to me in my sister’s voice that after he died he somehow became a ghost. He said that he discovered that he could possess people shortly after he realized that he was a ghost and that he has been traveling around the world in different bodies since. I told him that I was happy to see him again, while inside I felt terrified of what he could do with the ability to possess anyone’s body. I was getting concerned about him being in my sister, since she is extremely hot and Brad has had a crush on her since we were kids. Brad said that he was happy to see me again too, as he walked over to the mirror in my room and began checking-out Victoria’s body. He brushed some of her silky black hair out of her face, squeezed her boobs, and wiggled her butt a little bit before telling me about some of the places that he’s been and some of the bodies that he’s been in. After telling me of his adventures, he said that he wanted to remain in town for a while to have some fun with me.

Ever since that day a few months ago, Brad has been hanging out around town in different bodies. He’s probably been in every hot girl at my school at least once, and even a few faculty members for some pranks that he likes to play. Today, he has been possessing a girl at my school named Jennifer, a girl that I happen to have a crush on. I didn’t see him much today until he showed up for gym class, which is the only class that Brad consistently goes to when he’s in a female body. That probably has something to do with being in the girl’s locker room. Anyways, today is a free day, where everyone is free to play whatever they want. Brad and I always play basketball on free days, which I like because I’m much better than him at it… except when he’s using the body of a pretty girl. It’s even worse for me that he’s using Jennifer’s body today. Just her talking to me is enough to make me nervous, even if today it’s really just Brad talking to me.

While Brad played basketball the whole class period, I mostly just bumbled around with the ball like a moron. Brad definitely noticed and used it as an opportunity to use Jennifer’s body to taunt me the whole time. After gym class, the school day was over and Brad decided to come home with me as Jennifer. I got really excited at that moment, knowing that no one else would be at my house for several hours and that Brad loved to have fun with the bodies that he possessed. He didn’t bother with changing Jennifer back into her normal clothes after gym class, but that didn’t matter since he immediately stripped out of her clothes after we walked through my front door.

The rest of the afternoon was amazing. As I’ve already experienced, Brad knew how to handle a female body well. It was much different from usual with Jennifer though. I asked Brad to act just like her the whole time instead of his usual “still Brad except in a female body” act. I wanted to pretend that it was actually Jennifer in love with me. It was all an illusion though. I knew that she wouldn’t remember any of this, so I just decided to enjoy her beautiful body.

Once a devastating event, I now consider Brad’s death to be the greatest event of my life.


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