Beach Ghost

“Oh mama! Look at that little lithe thing over there! Hubba hubba! That is one girl I need to have to have used at least once!”

Kraig, the Rutherford beach ghost, had gotten his spectral eyes set on the dainty Camille. She was his favorite kind of leisure activity.
He circled over her, round and round, savoring the view of the girl that had begun sun tanning her back. He could barely contain himself, he was bursting from the inside of desire. The time had come! Kraig propelled himself tens of feet upwards and made a slow roll at the top and set his sights on the body below, and traded his altitude for momentum.
He neared the entrance point with a great speed, diving into her small butt and managed to wiggle himself in betwen the asscheeks into her body.
Even though it was performed by a spectral being Camille felt the impact on her ass. “OW!”, she exclaimed by the sudden pain.
She was just about to shout: “Who was that?!” when she heard an inner male voice speak to her: “It was only me, toots! Hot damn it´s cramped in here. Hold on, I`ll make some space for me”.
Camille felt how her butt trembled and watched how it exploded into, for her toned body, enormous proportions.
“Much better, love”, the voice told her. “And now when I have the space I can continue with what I came here for”.
In the matter of seconds Camille felt how her limbs stopped responding to her commands and soon enough she herself was sent off into unconciousness.

“Whoopie! This girl got some ass! She was danged fine before but even better now”, he snickered in her voice and gave the butt a slap. Kraig played around with her body and felt it up thoroughly.
When he had aquainted himself enough with it he picked up her towel and headed towards a more populated part of the beach, getting hold of a hot female body was just part one of the plan.


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