Being dead isn’t so bad

Well, as it turns out, magic exist. How i know it exist? I amlost died because of it.

You see, a had a pretty average looking life; just finished college, got a fresh job, no kids, sexy girlfriend, the whole package. Turns out my “loving” girlfriend and her bff were witches, and the only reason they put up with me was because my soul was an essential ingrediënt in one of their potions, “the potion of chaos”. Don’t ask what’s so special about my soul, i haven’t really found that out yet. What i did find out however, is that something went wrong during their ritual, because while my soul was supposed to be destroyed and it’s essence added to the potion, the inverse happened, the potion’s effects got transfered to me.

I was sitting at home quietly enjoying my day off. When i felt  a sharp pain in my heart, like someone was cutting it out using a breadknife. And before i knew it, i was standing in a weirdly foggy version of my living room, my lifeless body right there at my feet. Less then 15 seconds later, my “girlfriend” Amy walks in with her bff, Sheila.

“How was i supposed to know this was gonna happen? The recipe was incomplete!” yelled Sheila. “it doesn’t matter though, next victim is on me i guess.”
“Damn right, it’s a shame he’s dead though, he was a great lay.” Amy answered stoically.

I couldnt believe what i was hearing. This was a common occurence between those two? This was way to freaky.
In a desperate attempt i tried to grab Amy, but i just fell inside her. The rush of emotions was intense. Happiness because they were nearing completion. Dissappointment because of another fail. Even some …. horniness from looking at my body.

At first, i was merely an unnoticed passenger, slowly but surely i started receiving more information about my ability. I could read her mind, even control her body if i wanted, but that was risky. Better to wait for a better moment for my revenge to use that one.
And that moment soon came.

In the evening, i decided to confront Sheila. As Amy undressed herself for a shower, i took over. The rush was still intense, but not overwhelming as i felt her mind drift asleep, with me taking her place. It was showtime.

“EEEK! Sheila come quickly!!”

“Jeez, what happened, you saw a spider or something? You know you’re a witch, those aren’t supposed to be scared of spiders!”

“No it’s just… Look! Look at my… NEW BODY!” i yelled wickedly as i pulled away the shower curtain.
“Amy! What the fuck happened to you?!” She yelled.
“It’s me, Matt. I know about your magical powers, but it seems you two made me have my own, so now it’s my turn for some fun.” i said seductively massaging my boobs… i felt kinda.. turned on by this, so i thought, why not have some fun first?

“You have 2 choices, either join me, and only get possessed for a bit, enough to sate my need for revenge. Or try to run, and watch me ruin your life, while you are trapped in your own body.”
“You wont do anything to bad in my body right? if i accept your terms?” she asked worriedly.
“I swear on my own grave.”

It was easy picking for her. And the sex we had was amazing , too bad Amy couldn’t enjoy this. But that was soon to change, as Sheila would be mine once we were done. And now that i think of it: i was dead, swearing on my own grave didnt really bind me.


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