Playing the game

Yesterday I bought a tabletop game from a thrift shop. It was a simple tabletop game with dice and a few cards. I invited my friends over for some beers. We were playing videogames, when one of my friends asked about the tabletop game “I bought it yesterday, I liked the design of the box. Looks like a collector’s item” I said.

“we should play it” Travis said. I don’t know why, but we all agreed. We placed the game on my coffee table, and started the game. “I should start, after all it was my idea” Travis said while picking up the dice. “10”, he moved his token 10 spaces and picked up a card. “The appartment you are playing at is now a big mansion in the suburbs” he read. We then felt how the whole appartment started shaking. It felt like the end of the world. And in a few seconds my appartment had changed into a big mansion. I even had a fireplace lit. “Wow! what the card said came true!”.

It was James turn, he threw the dice “5”, he moved his piece 5 spaces and read the card. “All players seem to be men, let’s correct that, chose a friend to become a woman”. “what the fuck? you are not going to turn any of us into a woman” I said. But it was too late, he had pointed at me. I was wearing my same male clothes, but I was a woman. I had breasts and all, I could feel how penis had retracted and formed a vagina.

It was my turn, but I didn’t want to play. “You have to play” Tim said. I took the dice and rolled a 9 “You need clothes to match your body”. I saw how my clothes shrunk, I was wearing nothing but a bra, panties and heels. I felt so naked, I would have been cold if it wasn’t for the fireplace. Tim just laughed at me. I was so mad, I handed Tim the dice “your turn” I said with a pretend-sexy voice. He rolled a 2, “It’s a trap: the player to your left will chose your punishment”. That was me, finally, I could make him feel as bad as I do “Tim is my twin sister” I said. I saw him transform into a copy of me, he… she was wearing the same clothes than me “serves you right” I said.

It was Travis’s turn again. He rolled a 12. “The girls in the room are dumb bimbos”. “How come evey wish only affects…” giggle… I couldn’t even form a sentence right “oh my gawd, I feel so hot!” I took of my bra. I just felt like continue the game while being topless, my sister… Tim… just said “you have always been a slut”. James rolled the dice and got a 9, “You are a strong man, all the girls want to have sex with you”. James just ripped his shirt with his forming muscles. I did find him attractive, I just couldn’t stop staring. I rolled the dice again, 8. “I hope its something hot” I said. “Go have sex with the person before or after you”. I looked at my sis, although the thought of having sex with her did turn me on, I grabbed James hand, I walked him to my bedroom. I finished ripping his clothes off, and took my panties off. We had sex, I still remember how he thrusted in and out of me. How I came 3 times in a row. and how i could feel my pussy palpitating.

Afterwards we came back to the living room. It was my sisters turn. “Tim name sucks, for now, I will go by the name Kim” she said. “Ok, and I will be Amy” I said. Kim rolled her dice, 6. “Chose a player, to undo all the changes on him/her”. Kimlooked at me “Amy goes back to being a man” she said. I felt so bummed. I was back to being a man. Travis the rolled the dice, “You are a puppy”. I knew he tried to say “Oh shit”, but he said “Oh bark” and in no time he was a 2 month old pug puppy. James grabbed the dice, he looked like a cartoon of a man, I don’t know why I found him so hot when I was a woman. 3, “You are a 6 year old girl”. I saw how he regressed, and became a girl. By now, I was the only man in the house.

I grabbed the dice, “I hope the game ends soon, I don’t know how travis is going to roll the dice”. 2, “Special: You will swap bodies with someone your own age”. I blinked, and when I openned my eyes I was in Kim’s body. “Not again” I said “well, I forgot how much I liked revealing my breasts” I said while taking my bra off. “So who’s turn is it?” I asked. “Yours!” the 6 year old girl said. I rolled the dice “12”, I reached the end. I grabbed a card and read it to myself. “what does it say?” my former self asked.

The card had two choices. “Either go back to our former selfs, or stay like this forever. As a family”. On one side, I wanted to go back, but the thought of being married, living a big mansion, having a daughter, and a puppy dog sounded good too. “I chose to… I chose to… be a family”

I put on my bra on “I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me”, I told my husband. My daughter Jane was playing with her new puppy, I hope she didn’t see me with a bra. After putting the game back in the box, I kissed my husband, “I think I want another child. We should put Jane to bed, and go upstairs” I said.

The next day I returned the game to the thrift store, I didn’t want a game for adults in my home.


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