Knocked Out

“Okay, I can do this, I can do this,” I said taking inventory of my new anatomy, rubbing my hands through my long blond hair trying to get myself together. Playing a little game on OpenTG captions called the “Swap Party,” I had no clue that A) anything would actually happen or B) the player I had swapped with’s computer crashed almost immediately after I took control. Needless to say, looking around a pretty nice house and finding a mirror, the fact that it was Katherine Heigl was definitely another cherry on top of this day. Looking at a small note beside the now inoperable laptop, it seemed Katherine wanted out of the life of a starlet whose career that seemed to be on the decline and planned it out to where the laptop would crash immediately. And the little fact that I had a huge red carpet appearance to go to in a few hours. Of course, I could always try to play the Swap Party game again, but I chances of me getting my body back where astronomical at best.

(Hey guys, what do you think? Should it be a series? What should I write next? Any requests or anything like that? Let me know. :))


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