Swap Party Game

Damien was a huge fan of Open TG Captions. He could read captions for hours. He wasn’t sure that he wanted to be a woman but he just found the captions so purely arousing.
One day he was playing the swap party game on the site. He knew that it was all make belief and wouldn’t actually swap bodies with anyone and was just playing for the sheer entertainment. After a few rounds Damien finally swapped with someone. The image showed a beautiful woman wearing a girly set of bra and panties. Then Damien looked down he was wearing that same attire and had breasts. He slid his hands down his body rapidly in panic across his smooth skin. He slipped his delicate hand down his panties to find that he was a she.
Damien, now Danica was unsure what to think. She didn’t know wether to play on to try and get the body of Damien back but then the computer crashed. Danica quickly tried to restart the computer but when the computer finally whirred back to life all the game data was lost. Danica was here to stay.


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