All My Fault

My wife and I fought this weekend, and now I’m afraid she’s going to leave me. She’s been acting extremely odd, and every time I try to talk to her she just stares at me and then walks away.

It was a dumb argument. I was complaining that she was just lying around the house all day, while I do the work. That just because she’s carrying my child doesn’t mean all she can do is slack, while I slave away to make money. Plus, she’s always tired all the time so I never got laid. I remember being really obnoxious – a real asshole – and then she yelled at me, something about understanding or whatever, and I got real dizzy. But here’s the thing… none of it makes any sense!

I mean, I may be the man, but I’ve always had a woman’s body. And she might be my wife, but she’s always had a male body – it’s like we were made for each other. And I’m the one carrying our child, while she works and supports me. So I don’t understand why I said those horrible things, it’s all backwards.

But since it is my fault, it’s up to me to fix things. She’ll be getting home from work soon, and I know exactly how to make it up for her. My lingerie may not fit the best these days, but I’m sure she’ll still appreciate my swollen breasts when I meet her at the door. And then I plan to show her exactly how much I love her, as many times as I need to so she’ll forgive me. Man, just thinking about her cock in my mouth, her seed sliding down my throat…

I better text her to hurry, I think I’m getting my first craving. And somehow, I don’t think she’ll mind helping me out.


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