A Closer Look

“Hey, thanks for giving me a ride Mr.,” the busty topless woman said as she got into my car.
“Oh no problem, really,” I said, trying not to make eye-contact with her large exposed breasts, and failing.
“Don’t worry,” she said coyly as she buckled her seatbelt. “I know exactly why you picked me up, and maybe when we get to my house you’ll get a bitter look.” She winked and gave me her address and we started off.
It only took maybe fifteen minutes to get there, and when we did she unbuckled and got out, closed the door, and took a few steps away from my car.
“Oh! Right,” she said. “I promised you a closer look…” Her voice trailed off and she snapped her fingers. Instantly my mind went fuzzy, and when it cleared i was outside my car.
“Have fun with ’em!” my voice said from behind me as my car sped off. I breathed heavily as I looked down and screamed. “Tits?! I’ve got tits?!” No, not just any tits, I have HER tits! I looked to the house that was now mine and walked towards the front door, my new assets wobbling and upsetting my balance. I tried to hold them in place, but my arm brushed against my nipples, causing a feeling of pleasure I had never felt before.
“Great, so not only are they huge, they’re sensitive too,” I muttered as I opened the door and stepped inside. Now safely on my own I hefted my new breasts. They were heavy, heavier than I expected, even given their size. And they were mine now.
She wasn’t lying when she said I’d get a “closer look.”


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