Interactive Part 5 (Option 1)

You sit beside the pool, watching Brandi splash around with some guys who were obviously into her, and with boobies like hers, threatening to burst out of her little bikini top, who could blame them? You look down at your own bikini, but you’re instantly distracted by the huge belly just past it. James had really filled you up, in more ways than one. It had been eight months since then, and Brandi was lucky she had been more interested in tit-fucking: you weren’t sure either of you could handle the both of you being pregnant.
But even as round as you are, that wouldn’t stop you from getting some action. What else is a bimbo good for after all? You were surprised how many guys wanted to suck your milk-filled boobies, and feel your bloated belly pressed up against them. And speaking of…
Brandi had lost half of her top, but one of the guys was clearly more interested in something else. You wag your finger at him, calling him over as you pull down one half of your bikini top. His eyes go wide and he quickly comes over to you. Brandi and the other guy follow suit, and before you know it you’re in their car, giving them directions back to your house.

You take your guy up to the bedroom, leaving Brandi to have the living room. You giggle as you take your bikini off, your heavy boobies dropping against your belly. You reach down and undo the strings holding the bottom together before sitting down on your bed, and spreading your legs wide. It’s clear the guy gets the message,and it doesn’t take him long to remove his shorts, and enter your body. Your boobies wobble, spraying small streams of milk. He quickly takes notice, and wraps his mouth around one of your nipples, sucking. You moan, and he suckles harder. He doesn’t last much longer, cumming inside you, his mouth still wrapped around your nipple. He was weak, and it was a good thing you were already pregnant: you wouldn’t want his rapid seed to change your body like this. You deserved to be filled by better.

One month later, and you’re in the hospital. Brandi squeezes your hand, as you squeeze the baby out of your pussy. You push and push, the pain more and more intense, until the cries of your child meet your ears. You hold her for the first time, and almost regret your decision to give her up for adoption. But a pair of bimbos aren’t fit to be good mothers. your daughter deserves better.

Another month passes, and you start to remember what got you to this point: the potion. You begin to wonder, what other kinds did they sell at that shop?..

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