Revenge Gone Wrong

April 7, 2015
Alex was watching lesbian porn, just as he always did when his wife was not around. She however began to notice that despite the two not having much sex Alex always seemed happy and satisfied. After doing some research she was quite sure that he was not cheating on her, so after searching through his browser history she found out that he was watching a lot of porn. Unknown to everyone else, except her she had a magical item that would fulfill her one wish.
“I wish that Alex would become part of whatever he masturbates to, when he next orgasms.”
After she predented to go to a friend of hers Alex’s wife hid behind the door to the computer room and heard after very few minutes Alex moaning in pleasure. As the voice got more and more feminine Alex’ wife busted into the room and said: “Busted! I knew you’d watch porn”
“What have you done to me?”
“I made the porn you were watching reality, with you as the star.”
Then she herself felt someting in her breasts.
“You’re transforming too!”
“I have to… Lick!”
Alex’ wife wasrunning towards him, while the room slowly transformed into a bathing room. Unknown to his wife, Alex wanted to be a woman, but also loved his wife and wanted to stay with her forever. No he could, as they both were trapped in a one hour long porn movie, that repeated endlessly.


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