Helping out your Best Friend or Not

So my friend Cathy needed a big favor. She needed a date for her boss son so she can get in good with him. I said i wish I could really help her out. She said great, next thing i knew i was changed into this really cute looking 17 year old girl. And not just cute but real girly and stuff. So i did the dinner thing with them, and she and the boss left. His son drove me home and before we knew it i just couldn’t get enough of him screwing my brains. My friend Cathy walked in on us and he ran out. All i could do is put my hands on my hips and roll my eyes at her and say, ” Like you said to show him a good time and well this was like an awesome experience and would love to help you out anytime” she said fine tomorrow night we have another date. I was like in heaven !!!!


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