A New Life? : Home at last?

“Hello? Anyone in?” i asked to an empty apartment.

The silence gave me a odd mixture of relief and disappointment.

Well, disappointment until i realised i could finally have some alone time. Pulling off this days clothes in front of a mirror i used my time to inspect the goods.

They certainly impressed.

Unfortunately they impressed me enough as i played around with them to distract me from the stranger, this bodies boyfriend, fortunately in suit now, from making his way behind me and encircling me with his arms.

Kissing my neck softly as he groped me, sending tremors down my spine, he said “Baby, i don’t know what i did wrong, but all i can say is i know how to make it better.”

Then with that he puckered up his lips and leaned forward, my head twisting to see what the hell was going on.

What happened next i can only say happened by reflex, as my instincts took over.

1) I shoved my tongue down his throat. After that, things get hazy.

2) I kneed him in the balls and threw him out of my apartment.


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