A New Life? : Shedding some light

Turns out all he wanted was to ogle my butt and tell me that i was accompanying him to a convention in a weeks time, in terms that sounded like he was giving me a choice. Better have separate rooms….

“Thanks Sue, you’re a lifesaver” he said, embracing me in a way that was far too into my personal space. With that i left the office, now late for my appointment.

My phone beeps as a text is received.

“Looks like you enjoyed the body we gave you. How about a new offer?”

Fuck, i was late and now i’ve missed my chance to not be stuck as a chick. But what do they mean new offer?

My phone beeps again with a text from the boytoy.

“Hey hon, just checking the weekend at the folks is still on.”


I was so distracted i didn’t notice the car till it was too late, pulled in by a pair of slender but strong arms by a woman in a business suit. I of course did the manly thing and attempted to shrink into my self on the leather seats as the car drew away.

“Your old lifes dead by the way. Plug got pulled when you failed to turn up and a clone is now in the morgue under your name.” stated the woman i privately named Fed Bitch.

That got me out of my funk. Once the swearing was done, the woman explained that i, of all people, was genetically malleable or some other scientific bullshit. Of course the real kicker was their offer. Work for them and i get to pick my next life once the job is done. Rich? Check, Perfect body and health? Check. So long as i kept out the limelight they would be happy to grant me a more than comfortable life. All i had to do, they said, was spy on a certain individual.

We want you to get close to:

1) Your boss. He’s rich, has good lawyers and is believed to be involved in copious amounts of fraud amongst over things. Get closer to him and see if he has any deep dark secrets to show off.

2)Your boyfriend’s family. Turns out his father is deep in organised crime and well, they need someone on the inside.

3) “You know what, screw this. Fuck you fed and the horse you rode in on.” You open the car door and reenter the streets, picking up the pace before they get over their shock.


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