A New Life? :Awakening

I think i reacted appropriately to the situation. I mean, i’d like to see any of you respond to waking up one morning to discover you suddenly have a firm pair of breasts and have somehow switched genders whilst you slept. I’m also surprisingly hot…..nice.

Well if i knew that, then i wouldn’t be monologuing in my head, trying to come up with an solution to my problem. Hopefully before whoever is in the bathroom decides to check out why i made a girly scream.

Come to think about it, i’m not entirely certain this is my house either…. I hope everyone here speaks English, or i’m going to be in an even bigger pile of trouble. I could say that this level of bad luck is unexpected, but i’m not entirely ready to start lying to myself to that degree.

So here i am, stood naked except for a shirt too large for my body, with its owner hopefully still occupied and oh great, the phone has started ringing.

“What should i do next? Answer in comments”


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