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Anything for Sister

I would do anything for my sister. I had believed that my whole life and as it turns out its true. When my sister got the opportunity to study in Antarctica I was thrilled for her but she was worried. She told me she didn’t think her husband Mike could go that long without sex since she would be gone for three years. I told her Mike would just get used to his hand but she had a different idea. She begged me to take gender change pills and be Mike’s live in housekeeper/sex outlet. I tried to refuse but my sister begged and once the tears started flowing I reluctantly agreed. Read more

Out of Control

ENGAGED. One little word sent my life spinning out of control. My best friend since I was five and high school crush, Melissa, had gotten engaged to the high school quarterback Jerome. I tried to hide my devastation as she told me giddily that night. I knew I had been friend-zoned a long time ago, Melissa often told me I was her best friend and that she “thought of me as one of her girlfriends who she could share anything with”. I hadn’t known how to get out of the friend zone but now it was too late anyway. I was resolved not to go to the wedding, I couldn’t sit there like I didn’t have feelings for her. Then she showed up a few weeks later with a present for me. I was totally thrown off by this but opened it. “Will you do me the honor of being my Maid of Honor” the card read with glitter and sequins glued all over it. I was so confused but Melissa told me to look through the box. I looked and to my horror there was a bra and thong panties inside. I held them up confused, “Those are for after silly.” she said laughing. Then she pulled a bottle out of the box “drink this”
“Why?” I asked
“Don’t you trust me?” she asked. Something about the way she said it made me delusional for a minute, the bra and thong comment got my head all frazzled and for a moment I let myself fantasize that somehow drinking this would lead to us making love as I had imagined so many times. I opened the bottle and downed the drink. Well as you might have guessed the potion didn’t lead to me fucking Melissa instead it turned me into a girl. Upon closer inspection the bra and panties said maid of honor on them and they were a gift for my accepting the role in Melissa’s upcoming wedding. The potion was supposed to last until about a week after the wedding and since I was already stuck as a girl I decided to just go with the flow and maybe I could sabotage the wedding. Read more

More than He’d bargained for

Matt looked shocked at the giant cock before him. He had thought he had known what he was getting into when he had agreed to take the gender swap pills with his girlfriend so they could experience what it was like for the each other. What he hadn’t realized was that had his girlfriend been born a boy she would be endowed with a cock much thicker and longer than his own. Now about to lose his virginity Matt his having second thoughts

Radical Fertility Treatment

This is my life now, swollen tits and swollen belly. I know it was my choice but it doesn’t make it any easier. When my wife and I were struggling to conceive we decided to see a fertility specialist. My wife insisted we see the top rated doctor, who just so happened to be my high school bully. I was nervous to go to his practice but my wife insisted. Then I was thrilled when he said their was nothing medically wrong with us and that sometimes it just took couples a while to conceive. I thought we were done until he dropped a bomb on me that would change my life forever. He said that we would make perfect candidates for a new fertility treatment that would guarantee we would be pregnant soon. I made the mistake of asking why we were perfect candidates and he smirked and said “Well James really you are the one that is the perfect candidate. You know with your… well medically speaking I would classify it as an over-sized clit.” I blushed as my wife giggled “What?” she said when I turned to her “We all know its small”
“Yes we do” the doctor agreed “Anyway, because its so small you will have an easy transition to your new body. You see the procedure switches your genders so that James you will actually be the one who carries the baby.”
“What?!? How is this easier than just having a baby the old fashioned way?” I asked
“Well in my experience men with over-sized clits have a much harder time impregnating women than their full male counterparts. Besides, you two probably don’t notice but when Jessica here is fully engorged her clit is already about the same size as yours.”
I opened my mouth to object but I was cut off by Jessica saying “Oh I’ve noticed” in a matter-of-fact tone.
“So you see when she becomes male her member will likely be several times larger than your current clit is. It will makes things more enjoyable for both of you and help you conceive.” After that there was no arguing with Jessica she wanted the treatment and I had to get on board or get a divorce. So here I am washing up in my seventh month of pregnancy eagerly waiting for my husband Jessie to come home with that huge cock of his so that he can work out the days frustrations on my eager pussy, I guess I really should stop pretending that I’m unhappy with how this all turned out.

Forgetting Something

Mason was so excited to be in the play, he had tried for the part of Peter Pan but that had gone to Jason as usual. Mason had begged the drama teacher to let him be in the play and she had finally relented. She had given him the part of Tinkerbell, which none of the girls wanted due to the skimpy outfit. When Mason showed up for rehearsals he was a little nervous about how he would look in the costume but the teacher just handed him a microphone. “What’s this for?” he had asked. “Oh well if you can’t wear the costume we have I’ve decided to just use a stage light and you can do the voice over the speakers. We just don’t have the money for a new costume, budget cuts, you understand.” Mason was devastated but decided to take matters into his own hands. The night before the opening he took the revealing costume home and tried it on. There was no way he could pull it off so he took a deep breath and marched down to the drug store…
Opening night Mason’s best friend Jack was making sure everything was ready for the big show, Jack was the stage manager. He couldn’t find Mason anywhere and then this gorgeous girl wearing the Tinkerbell outfit. “Sorry I’m late couldn’t get my hair right” she said as she rushed up the stairs toward the harnesses Peter Pan and Tinkerbell used during their entrance scene.”
“Who are you?” Jack asked stunned. a few steps up the stairs the girl stopped turned back and smiled “Its me, Mason” he said with a giggle. That’s when Jack saw Mason wasn’t wearing underwear and a tight shaven pussy was clearly visible and would be visible to the entire audience. “Oh ok Mason, well aren’t you forgetting something” Jack said coyly. She looked puzzled for a minute before appearing to get the hint. “Oh yeah sorry I just got so excited when I got dressed up that I figured this was my only chance to wear heels like these.” she popped the shoes off and ran back down handing them to Jack. She kissed him on the check and said “Wish me luck” before trotting back up the stairs. Jack was too stunned to say anything, besides this was going to be the most popular showing of Peter Pan ever.

The Perfect Prefect

Charlie was so excited for this term at Hogwarts he was so sure he was going to be a Gryffindor Prefect and so was Sarah Brown, the hottest girl in the whole school. However, when the Prefects were announced Charlie was shocked to find out that his rival Tim had been selected to serve alongside Sarah. Charlie was furious, and at the first opportunity headed to see Professor McGonagall. Charlie argued with her for hours about how he had better grades and was the top student in Gryffindor. Finally McGonagall sighed and said “Well this is unheard of but I suppose the top two students should be prefects regardless of the circumstances.” Charlie nodded though he wasn’t sure what she meant. “There are rules though so if your are going to become our prefect then you will have to live with the changes for the rest of your time at Hogwarts at least and after that long I’m not sure things can be undone.” Charlie wasn’t really listening he just wanted to be a Prefect with Sarah so bad. “Do whatever you have to do.” he told McGonagall. With that she pulled out her wand and said something in Latin and poof, Charlie was waking up in the girls dorm rooms finding huge tits and a new vagina. He sat up in shock to see Sarah glaring at him. Sarah walked over to Charlie and pinned the prefect badge on his bra, “I hope you and Tim are very happy this year, Bitch” Sarah said before stalking off. Charlie gulped as he realized he had not taken Tim’s spot but Sarah’s and now he was in for a very long year.

Mama’s Boy

“Damn man, your mom has some big tits, I just love them!” My friend Marcus said as he now inhabited my mothers body. I tried not to stare at her body as he stood next to me. “Let’s just focus on switching you two back.” I pleaded.
“Man, she’s gone remember she took off with my body and has not been back since we shifted last week.” I knew she wasn’t coming back but hearing Marcus say it didn’t make me feel better.
“What are you doing?!?” I shouted as Marcus started to undress
“I’m tired of wasting my days trying to switch back. I’m horny as hell and I’m going to get laid.” Marcus said matter of factly. He finished disrobing and put his hands on his hips and smiled. “Now either you are going to give it to me or I’ll walk out of this house butt naked and wander the streets until I find someone who will, whats it going to be?”
I didn’t know what to do but I definitely didn’t want the whole neighborhood seeing my naked mom and I could feel myself getting hard. I gulped and decided the lesser of two evils was to give a whole new meaning to the term mama’s boy.

Perfect Prank

Jack was so sick of being bullied by Alex. Alex was always calling Jack a sissy, a cock sucker, and he was always talking about how much Jack wanted to take it up the ass. Jack wanted revenge and he knew just who to turn to. Jack’s best friend Steve was big into science and had actually invented a few things of his own. Jack knew exactly what he needed.
“I need to use your boob ray and the micro-drone its time to humiliate Alex” Jack told Steve over the phone.
“That’s brilliant,” said Steve “You’re turning Alex into a shemale hahahaha. But how are you going to get him to sit still the ray takes a while of prolonged exposure to make you a girl upstairs.”
“No my plan is even better. I’m going to become the shemale and seduce Alex. We will film it with the micro-drone and once I reveal I have a dick between my legs he will be so humiliated that he won’t be able to show his face at school for a week.”
Steve was a little skeptical but he helped his friend become a shemale and get dressed for the big show. Read more

Come on man!

“Come on man!!! What are you doing?!? Are you really coming in me?!?” Max yelled “Now I’m going to be stuck like this!!! What the fuck is your problem?”
“How did you think this would end Max?” Greg asked laughing a little “Besides you should have seen your face this whole time. You love taking this huge cock.”
Max began to panic. “But this was just supposed to embarrass my sister. That’s why I brewed that potion to look like her, that’s why we set up this live stream so the world would…” Max trailed off as he realized the camera was still on and the internet was still tuned in to she the show. Max tried to reach for the camera but Greg grabbed him and held him down right in front of the camera.
“Say hi to the camera Maxi. The world now knows you’re not Melissa, your more of a twin sister. A slutty twin sister.” Greg laughed again. “You see Max, where you went wrong is when you asked me to help you with this little plan. I get it, she humiliated you when she posted pictures of your tiny johnson online, but I’m her boyfriend Max. Did you really think I wouldn’t tell her? Well now you are going to be my little sex slave and do you know why?”
Max was starting to cry a little as he shook his head.
“Well it’s very simple, the camera is not streaming its recording.” Greg whispered in his ear.
For a minute Max was so relieved he actually smiled and looked up at Greg.
“If you ever disappoint me though I’ll show the world.”
Max felt his stomach drop as the weight of that statement sank in.
“Go get cleaned up” Greg said getting off Max finally “We are going to have a long night.”

Better not knowing

Tim had a huge crush on Nicole. He used to fantasize about her whenever he was alone. He would imagine her horny and frustrated, taking out a yearbook and flipping to a picture of him and rubbing her pussy till she came.
“I wish I knew what she is doing right now?” Tim said absently.
A passing fairy heard his wish and decided to have a little fun with Tim. She had flown by Nicole’s house earlier and knew exactly what was happening.
Suddenly Tim was inside Nicole’s body, which was getting ass fucked by Tim’s best friend Dan. Before Tim could say a word Nicole’s body started to orgasm. Tim was now squirting all over himself from his best friends cock deep in his asshole.
Tim was back in his bedroom, his legs shaking as the sensation faded. He regretted making the wish. Not because he found out his best friend was fucking his crush, he couldn’t care less about that now. He regretted it because he had felt a female orgasm and would never experience it again.
“I wish I was a girl.” He said to the open air. Nothing happened. He decided to try being more honest with himself. “I wish I was a slutty girl who had squirting orgasms and loved anal.”