Mama’s Boy

“Damn man, your mom has some big tits, I just love them!” My friend Marcus said as he now inhabited my mothers body. I tried not to stare at her body as he stood next to me. “Let’s just focus on switching you two back.” I pleaded.
“Man, she’s gone remember she took off with my body and has not been back since we shifted last week.” I knew she wasn’t coming back but hearing Marcus say it didn’t make me feel better.
“What are you doing?!?” I shouted as Marcus started to undress
“I’m tired of wasting my days trying to switch back. I’m horny as hell and I’m going to get laid.” Marcus said matter of factly. He finished disrobing and put his hands on his hips and smiled. “Now either you are going to give it to me or I’ll walk out of this house butt naked and wander the streets until I find someone who will, whats it going to be?”
I didn’t know what to do but I definitely didn’t want the whole neighborhood seeing my naked mom and I could feel myself getting hard. I gulped and decided the lesser of two evils was to give a whole new meaning to the term mama’s boy.


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