Out of Control

ENGAGED. One little word sent my life spinning out of control. My best friend since I was five and high school crush, Melissa, had gotten engaged to the high school quarterback Jerome. I tried to hide my devastation as she told me giddily that night. I knew I had been friend-zoned a long time ago, Melissa often told me I was her best friend and that she “thought of me as one of her girlfriends who she could share anything with”. I hadn’t known how to get out of the friend zone but now it was too late anyway. I was resolved not to go to the wedding, I couldn’t sit there like I didn’t have feelings for her. Then she showed up a few weeks later with a present for me. I was totally thrown off by this but opened it. “Will you do me the honor of being my Maid of Honor” the card read with glitter and sequins glued all over it. I was so confused but Melissa told me to look through the box. I looked and to my horror there was a bra and thong panties inside. I held them up confused, “Those are for after silly.” she said laughing. Then she pulled a bottle out of the box “drink this”
“Why?” I asked
“Don’t you trust me?” she asked. Something about the way she said it made me delusional for a minute, the bra and thong comment got my head all frazzled and for a moment I let myself fantasize that somehow drinking this would lead to us making love as I had imagined so many times. I opened the bottle and downed the drink. Well as you might have guessed the potion didn’t lead to me fucking Melissa instead it turned me into a girl. Upon closer inspection the bra and panties said maid of honor on them and they were a gift for my accepting the role in Melissa’s upcoming wedding. The potion was supposed to last until about a week after the wedding and since I was already stuck as a girl I decided to just go with the flow and maybe I could sabotage the wedding.

What I didn’t know at the time was that Melissa’s sister Emily was pissed that she had been passed over to be maid of honor. She also wanted to ruin the wedding but unbeknownst to be she also wanted to humiliate me. The night of the bachelorette party everyone of us in the bridal party got way too drunk. Emily let slip that she thought Jerome was cheating on Melissa to me. She said she had a plan to expose him to Melissa and that she needed my help. I eagerly agreed and the two of us slipped off to my room. by this point the sun was already starting to come up and Emily told me to go shower and get freshened up. I did and when I got out of the shower I was surprised to find my clothes and all the towels were gone. I called out to Emily but got no answer. I blow-dried my hair and let myself air dry in the process. When I was done I called out to Emily again and still no answer. I decided she must have left and so I went out into the hotel room.

Standing there butt naked was Jerome with Emily on her knees sucking his massive cock. Despite myself my female hormones kicked in and I started getting wet. Jerome noticed me “There she is.” he said licking his lips. “Damn girl if I had known you in high school we would be the ones getting married next week.” I blushed and Emily stopped sucking and got up. She walked over to the bed and beckoned me over with her hand. When I finally walked over to her she whispered in my ear, “This is the only way, just go with it.” Before I knew what was happening Jerome was touching me and rubbing me all over. When he finally started fucking me I was out of control and I wanted it bad. Eventually we finished and Jerome left, that’s when Emily went and turned off the hidden camera she had set up. I was too exhausted to notice or care.

A week later and every night I dreamed of Jerome fucking me. His cock was all I could think about. I lived life in a haze just going through the motions but yearning for his touch. When I arrived at the church the day of the wedding to find that only Emily was there I was shocked. “What’s going on where’s Melissa?”
“She went home after I showed her the video of you fucking Jerome.” Melissa said coyly
“You what?!? Why would you do that?” I squealed my face turning a scarlet red.
“To stop the wedding as we planned.” She said as if the plan had ever been explained to me “Yeah so she left and told me to make sure the wedding continues so that Jerome will be left at the alter. You’re the last bridesmaid to show up so now that you know I’m going home too now.” With that she left and I stood in silence. I was about to leave too when I saw Melissa’s dress hanging there. It seemed to call to me and Jerome’s words played in my head.

Three hours later the groomsmen walked down the aisle alone and confused, Jerome almost told the organist not to play here comes the bride, he was sure something was wrong when he saw his bride waiting veiled at the end of the aisle. I was so nervous as I made my way toward him. When I reached him he lifted my veil and a smile split his face. I knew I had made the right decision.


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