Where are the rings?

Ha ha, very funny Maddie, now tell me where did you hid the rings.
No, it’s not fun anymore. Sure it was at first, using the reversal rings to swap bodies. I enjoyed pretending to be you for a day or two but two months is enough don’t you think?
What!? I already gave you a blowjob! Come on, what else is there for me to expirience? I lived as you for two months. I dressed up in your clothes, i learned how to do make up, i took care of your body enough to know everything about it, hell i even went through your period and had sex with you!
Well, it was amazing, i can’t deny it but i don’t want to be penetrated by my own dick.
So are we swapping back?
Why are you smiling?
What do you mean you like it more? Come on Maddie.
What!? You… No! I don’t belive you. You wouldn’t throw away the rings, right? Maddie, please tell me you’re joking


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