What are friends for?

<<*Anf!* *Pant!* Thank you Luchas! Thank you so much! I’m so sorry you have to do this! I hope you’ll forgive me!>>
“*Sigh* How long is he going to keep on apologizing? He has been a broken record for the past few hours. Why have I even accepted this deal?”
<<Please try to understand! *Anf!* *Anf!* I was broken hearted when Carly left me. How could she do that after all the years spent together? *Pant!* I can’t just get over her! I need her in my life! Even if just for brief moments like this! *Pant!*>>.
“I guess this is still better than him going on weeping over her. When I said I would do anything to help him get over his fiancée this wasn’t what I had in mind. But if this makes him happy I guess I should not complain. What are friend for after all?”
<<*Anf!* God this is amazing! It’s just like I’m still with her!>>
“Is he going to shut up already?! This is unsettling enough as it is even without him babbling nonsense! That’s it! I’ll let him finish and then I’ll go home and we will never talk about this again!”
<<*Pant!* *Anf!*>>.
“Well… I guess if he ever feels that depressed again I should probably help him… I am his best friend after all. And I have to admit that despite the strangeness of this situation getting fucked feels rather good…”
<<Yes! I’m almost there!>>
<<W… Wait! Hold on! *Anf!* Do not stop just yet Jake! *Pant!* Keep going!>>
<<T… Thank you Luchas! You’re the best friend one could ask for!>>.
<<*Pant!* Call me… *Anf!* Call me Carly!>>.


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