Chance encounter

It was a pretty normal day for Wrynn as he was walking home from a long night catching Pokemon on his phone when what looked like a blue man and a little ball of light went rushing by. He heard a women yelling seemingly from nowhere and suddenly there was a flash. Wrynn felt suddenly very top heavy as he nearly fell over from his new distribution of weight. Looking down he saw that he now had long hair attempting to cover his now nearly naked form as his clothes were being stretched to the limits. He immediately started sprinting home as best he, as he was nearing home he saw one of his best friends named James and nearly threw himself into his arms.
Wrynn began to weep into his best friends arms as James was suddenly freaked out about this random hot women suddenly bursting into tears going on about how she used to be his friend. James had now idea who this Wrynn guy was but he sure as hell was not going to let this distraught women out of his grasps. Offering to walk her to his home she agreed and all he could think was how lucky he was for this moment. Wrynn being convinced that she was going to be alright walked home with her best friend who felt almost like a stranger all the sudden.
As they entered James’s house she noticed that it was not at all like the house she knew he had. This house was clean and well kept as well as organized. James was a gamer and was known in there circle of friends for living in the dirtiest house imaginable. Sitting on the couch they would discover that they had never met in this new reality and a theory arose that either the blue man or the ball of light had changed reality to fit her new persona.
After hours of them talking the ended up watching Netflix and leaning in on each other. It was almost like they were soulmates and had always been soulmates. It took less then 2 hours of talking before they were in James’s bed experiencing a whole new world of pleasure. With each motion and each beat of the music they listened to they seemed to end in perfect synchronization of each other. Falling limp into her new lovers hand Wrynn decided that it may not have been as horrible a day as she had thought. Hoping that this was not a dream they fell asleep, the new couple as happy as could be.


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