“Oh, hey honey. You’re early” Alison nervously said to her husband, Mark as he walked in. Mark was surprised to see his wife at this time of the day. Normally she was at work but now she was here and he caught her in the middle of undressing. Mike looked at his wife giving her a questioning look. “I just took a day off since there was no work at all” Alison smiled at her husband.

What Mark didn’t know was that their teenage neighbor Kevin swapped bodies with his wife this morning. Kevin was just going out to school when a light beam hit him. Seconds later he found himself at his neighbor’s yard, he had breasts and was dressed as a woman. It was when he saw his body staring at him in horror he realized that somehow they swapped bodies and he was now Mrs. Taylor. His old body ran off to his house and locked the door. Kevin tried to speak to her but there was no response. Without any idea what to do he went to her house and called her boss, trying to be as much convincing as he could. He took a day off but what now?

Without anything better to do Kevin spend most of the time watching tv. As his mind adjusted to this body and he calmed down a bit he thought that maybe he could check out what’s under these clothes. After all he didn’t knew for how long he will be stuck like this and it could be the only oportunity to see a woman’s body from this perspective. He started to undress but as soon as he unbuttoned his shirt Alison’s husband came in. Kevin’s mind was panicking, the only thing he could do now was to pretend to be the real Alison. Somehow he managed to fool Mark, he didn’t suspect anything althought seeing his wife like this was surprising. He didn’t think about it too much and since his wife already was getting undres he used the oportunity and climbed on top of her slowly kissing her neck and rubbing her breast. Kevin had no choice but to go along if he wanted to keep this a secret. As much as he hated the idea he was becoming aroused by it. Maybe it won’t be so bad to be in this body for a while


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