Sudden change

The floor was cold, nonetheless I continued walking. Trying to find a clue of where I was and why I was dressed in some kind of a blue robe. I didn’t remember who I were, or how I got there. “I have to get out of here” I whispered, noticing my voice was a little bit higher than expected. I noticed I had a pink ribbon on my left hand, and it wasn’t until then that I noticed my feminine hand. I reached down as a reflex, looking for my equipment, but found nothing.

I fell to the floor, and started crying. I realized what I was wearing wasn’t a robe, it was a blue dress. “Why is this happening to me?” I said. “Just yesterday I was….” I tried to remember, but my mind was blank, I couldn’t remember anything. “Maybe I have always been a woman” I said, “But why does it feel wrong? why do I feel like that isn’t true?”.

I felt my dress touch my nipples, which got them erect. It felt like something turned on, I felt different. I squeezed one of my nipples, “that feels good” I said as I felt aroussed by it. “I guess this isn’t so bad” I said outloud, “maybe I am a woman, maybe I have always been me. I might not remember it, but there is no way I used to be a man. I must have hit my head or something”.

A few minutes later a man showed up. He looked familiar, “honey! what are you doing down there? today is our wedding day. You must get dressed” he told me. He picked me up, and carried me to what I guess is my bedroom. I don’t know why, but it must have been the familiarity, but I felt like kissing him. As he was leaving me on my bed, I kissed him passionately. “Someone wants a quick one before the wedding?” he asked, and I just blushed. I might not remember anything, but I knew I was just crazy about him. Seeing him undress just got me wet. And feeling his thing inside of me, thrusting in and out, made me realize I love being a woman.


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