Jordan was a big Halo fan. He’d played all the games growing up and loved them. He was good at them too—the best out of any of his friends. Halloween was coming up soon, and Jordan wanted a costume that reflected what was—right now, anyway—his passion. He’d been browsing Amazon when he saw it. “Strategic Infiltration Armor” it read. “19.99 with shipping”.

Jordan knew he had to have it. It even came with an MA5B mock up! He ordered the suit and waited eagerly. Sure enough, a couple days later, it arrived. Thanks Amazon Prime!

Jordan was kinda intimidated by how advanced the suit was. It really didn’t seem like a mockup. It was really too bad he didn’t read the user’s manual. After all, had he done so, he would have known how to change the suit’s default setting.

See, the problem was, the suit was specially designed for infiltration. And when Jordan put it on he was thinking about all the girls he was going to impress in this bad boy. So the suit, picking up on his hormone and adrenaline spike, made some changes in order to avoid detection.

Rather ironically, however, that certainly wasn’t happening now. Jordyn didn’t really mind though. After all, she was wearing this for Adam, after all. She knew full well he wouldn’t wait to strap this stuff off her.


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