Sucking Away My Masculinity

I rolled over in my bed and felt the warmth of my boyfriend under the covers with me. I snuggled up to him, but felt something poking him. “Ugh, it’s back,” I whispered to him, seeing my tented panties.

“Wow that came back quickly,” he said, aware of my condition. “Luckily for you I’m already hard.”

“Let’s get started,” I shrugged, climbing out of bed to obtain my cure to masculinity. He rolled over and stood up, whipping out his morning wood. I smiled upon seeing it, remembering how I ended up with this condition.

Just three years ago I was dating a girl who just so happened to be a witch. One night we decided to do a little sexual experimentation, and she transformed me into a girl, and turned herself into a guy. She made me swallow her cum, and it had a weird effect. Even after transforming me back I wanted nothing more than cum. Our relationship eventually came to an end, but my thirst didn’t.

One night I was drunk and couldn’t help but jerk off and shoot it into my own mouth, but after doing that, I noticed I became feminine temporarily. So, I one day I decided to drink more and more, eventually transforming myself into a chick again, and wow! It was incredible!

I decided to become a woman full-time if I was going to be cock-thirsty regardless, and now I have a boyfriend who doesn’t mind being my source for the sticky white fluid. If I didn’t swallow enough after time, I’d transform back, but who wanted that? We both get what we want. He gets a daily blowjob from his sexy girlfriend, and I get all the cum I can swallow.

I sucked and sucked until he shot the warm cum into my mouth, guzzling it for a moment before swallowing. I then felt my dick tingle and suck back into me, forming a tight pussy, wet to be penetrated. “Recharge your batteries, babe,” I told him with a grin. “I’m feeling hornier than ever this time, and it’ll be like fucking a virgin for you.”


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