Southern Belles, Chapter One: The First Taste

I have had it with these Southern women!

Growing up with TV, pornography, and online dating, I was always led to believe that after the age of eighteen, my life would be nothing but sex, sex and more sex, with all of the beautiful ladies that I can handle. This was misleading though, considering my growing up in Alabama, where the women are all prudes that only want to have sex with love and marriage involved.

I was convinced that they didn’t even really feel this, they were just so brainwashed by Alabamian culture.

The last straw was my date with Wendy. I had met her on Tinder (which down here has every girl loudly saying that “unlike most girls”) after reading her profile which stated she worked at a bank and liked dogs. She was absolutely stunning, with a great body and silky red hair. We had fun, and went on a few more dates. At the end of our third, I took a chance, and gave her a deep, good night kiss. She quickly went into her house after that.

I didn’t hear from her for a week, and finally got a message saying “Malcolm, I think you’re great. But this is just moving way too fast for me. I think we should see other people.”

Way too fast? We’d kissed once, and I’d held her hand a few times, and put my arm around her a few more! I don’t know what her problem was.

I went home, mad at having struck out yet again, and decided to contact my friend Quentin. Quentin works at a small company up in New York City that specializes in potions related to sexual desires. It’s less kooky than it sounds.

I requested a potion to make me into an incredibly attractive man. Six pack abs, huge biceps, a perfect beard, huge dick, the whole shebang. I was going to show that these girls wanted sex just as much as I did, and break their purity streaks.

As I was about to send the message, I realized: I needed a different approach. I was just going to ask Quentin for something to make me more handsome. But that would be too easy with the ladies down here, all obsessed with their purity. If they broke it for a hot guy, there might be some gossip, but everyone’s seen it happen before.

But if it was with a girl…

That would be something entirely different. Premarital sex was one thing, but people down here still have huge issues with accepting homosexuality. I could really get one over on all of these women.

Three days later (I love express shipping), I received the package from Find Your Fantasy (which was such a weird name to sign off for with the mailman). I took it inside and ripped it open, revealing a large bottle of pink liquid.

The label read: Changing Attraction Potion. Drinking this concoction will result in the user becoming an extremely attractive member of the opposite sex, one whose sex appeal increases the more others are around. Changes stay until the user takes another drink, which reverts them to normal. Every new transformation results in a new, yet equally attractive form.

Then there were some ingredients and warnings which I skipped over. In the box was a fake ID creator and a number of other knick knacks in order to help pass as successfully as possible.

I took a swig, savoring the lemonade taste, and felt a rush of air. I watched in my mirror as my body thinned, my hips widened, my butt swelled and my tits inflated. My hair descended down to my shoulders, my body became smooth and hairless, and my penis retracted within my body. I was gorgeous.

An hour later, I was in line at the bank. I had to wait for a full ten minutes for the old man to finish at her station, ignoring the other teller calling me over. I went and made my transaction, cracked a couple of jokes and getting a couple of laughs from her.
“Is that a Troy class ring?” I said, pointing to her finger.

“Yes, actually! I graduated from there a few years ago, actually and moved up here. I’m still getting to know people around here though.”

“I think I can help with that,” I said. “There’s a bar downtown that a lot of Troy alumnus like to visit. We should go hang out there!”
“Yeah! Sure! I wasn’t doing anything else tonight!” she said. She was playing with her hair.
We arrived at the bar at nine, and it was hopping, or at least as close to hopping as a bar in small town Alabama could be. I bought a few drinks, and we went and sat in the corner, and talked about our lives. I made sure to look into her eyes the whole time and play with my hair. During a sad story she told me, I held her hand, and at one point I patted her thigh, leaving my hand there a little longer than necessary. She didn’t seem to catch on, but just continued talking.

“Hey ladies. How about we buy you two a few more rounds?” I turned to see three guys staring at us, obviously hoping to get lucky, but they weren’t going to interfere with my night.

“I’d love another dri-” said Wendy.

“We’re not interested,” I interjected. “Go bother someone else.” Saying this, I planted my hand on Wendy’s thigh, very close to her crotch.

As the guys walked away, Wendy removed my hand, stood up, and walked to the bathroom. I followed right behind.

She went in and turned around, ready to snap, but I kept walking forward, backing her into the sink.

“What the hell was that?” she said. “Those guys were just being nice! And I am not into girls, so I don’t what idea you’re getting here.”

“Really?” I said. “You’ve been giving me some different signals today. All night, in fact.” Truthfully, she’d been next to me for hours, so the potion had been slowly taking hold.

“No…no I wasn’t,” she said. I didn’t say anything back. Instead I leaned into her, and slowly, lightly, licked her lips, getting just a hint of the taste of her lip gloss. Cherry.

As my tongue passed, her breathing shortened, and she gasped a little.

“You don’t seem to be against this,” I said. “You know what? Let’s go back to my place and continue this discussion there.”

I stepped backwards towards the door, walking slowly. After a few seconds of more shortened breaths, she followed.
The next morning, I woke up early, making her some pancakes. She was fast asleep on the bed, her naked back facing me. I had completely tired her out the night before. I couldn’t wait to see how she felt when she woke up and realized what she’d done.

While the pancakes were on, I walked back to check my closet, and saw the potion, the bottle still mostly full.

I was going to get a lot more use out of it.


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